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May 07, 2012



Yes Yes, I'm smiling :) too cute!

PS: Just catching up, your cherubs on your last post are adorable, too! Ours are all grown up, but yes, it never ends, this mom-business (happily!) Have a wonderful week ~ stop by our place some time too ~ love to have you visit! xo P


Yeah.....you made me smile :-)
Your blog always does.....That's why it's the first one I check every morning! Starts my morning off that way.
Cool swim cap by the way (and story)
Have a great day!
Finally sunshine and warm days down this way.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

You always make me smile, but I especially get a kick out of the posts where you wear your collections!


Grinning ear to ear and not just at the swim cap. Love those sunglasses. You could protect the whole family behind those babies!! Thanks for the smiles.

Musings from Kim K.

Leave it to Renee to find the perfect swim cap. I'm definitely smiling. Happy Monday!


I am smiling!! What a fun swim cap!! Love the story behind it, too!! xo Heather


Tres chic! I want to see the swimsuit that one would wear with such a fancy swim cap. I can only imagine.


Of course I'm smiling, your blog always makes me smile :) Adorable swim cap. Wonder who the socialite was since Renee and I are from the same neck of the woods??


Perfection....That tulle suits you to a "T". Big smile...So glad it found you...I can't even imagine the route it took to get there. Smiles...Renee

chris mckinley

You are right!! A big smile on my face!! What a fun collection you must have....maybe a post in the future sharing your swim caps?



What a cap! And it's neat you know the story behind it as well. And 10 swim caps! I'm jealous.

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