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May 01, 2012



I love decals! When I was a kid, I painted my bike sky blue and decorated it with violet decals (no doubt a symptom of things to come). I really like your farm scene ones.


As a lover of all things Asian (hence my Korean kids!), those are my favorites! I've never seen many of those patterns! Super fun graphics and I'm glad you USE them too!


Shelley Germann

Another great collection! I need to do some digging, but that large bunny looks very similar to the one that my mom put on my baby crib. Although, I know bunnies were very popular. Thanks for the tip on using the old ones, too. I have ones I've been contemplating using and I will definitely use your advice!


Love your collection.
Thanks for the tip (spraying them before using) -- I will try that next time. I hate it when they turn to confetti. I thought about copying them and then using the copy to decoupage but that really is not as cute.
Nice talking to you at Plucky Maidens. Hope you had fun.


Love the bunny decal! I think that was on my crib when I was a baby. I'm partial to all the stuffed animal looking ones. I think I have some with a teddy bear,lamb and small bunnies.....reminds me of my childhood.Yikes, am I that old? I know those decals were plastered on our high chairs and other furniture too.Are you ever going to part with one of the bunnies by any chance? :-)
Thanks for sharing.
I'm going to go dig in my stash now and maybe find some glass jars!


You had me at decals!! Love the sweet bunny, and all the cute animals!! I have yet to find any of these for my collection!! So fun!! xo Heather


When I look around while out shopping, I always pause at things with a decal. They are either very sweet or very cute. You have a nice collection.


Love the mushrooms and I can just picture that large bunning on the end of a baby crib - how sweet!

Musings from Kim K.

As you can imagine, I'm completely in love with your oriental themed decals. Swoon. Another lovely collection.


cute! i love the animals, especially the big blue bunny!!

chris mckinley

Love the Morning Glory decals!! What a fun collection!



Yes my name just came up again in the purchased section...again...a watering can and a bulldog...clearly you are teasing me. I have been collecting a few decals myself although you have some I have never seen...I love each one of them and how you use them...Smiles...Renee


Ooooh Magpie Ethel! The unexpected peek at your college bound son's room was too funny! What a tremendous amount of things you packed for your show. Lots of fun to see the process. PS love the siding of your home. A favorite type of mine! Happy May Day, Eliz


You are short changing yourself - this is actually Collection Challenge #103. Dang, everything was cuter fifty years ago, wan't it?


there you are! I thought perhaps you stopped blogging! You don't show up in my blog roll anymore. Guess it's the follower thing changing. I hate change- unless it's new clothes or something fun like that!

I have that big blue bunny! I want to make my own decals out of it some day. ♥

Mitzi Curi

I've always wondered if those decals were still usable after all these years. I like your tip of using the spray shellac. I just might try it soon!

Meri Wiley

Hey pretty lady,

If you ever need to sell any of those, please let me know. You have a ridiculously amazing amount of those and such good subjects.


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