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May 22, 2012



I would have never thought to ask for this collection! I think the air freshener disguise is pretty clever.


i love the idea of putting an air freshner in one of those! my husband always buys the ugliest ones for the hall our litter boxes are in and i HATE how they look. i need to find a tin to store them in!


Those moths didn't stand a chance with all those tins!

I bet those orange colored tins can be used with your Halloween collection!


This is one I love. Not only because the graphics are so amazing but because it is unusual. I have one that I picked up in a bathroom at an estate sale. The kind with a tassel. One thing that really gets me is the way they proclaim the chemical so boldly on the front...smiles...Renee


Now I don't feel so bad about bringing home those tiny little asprin tins - LOL!

Into Vintage

I am laughing out loud!! ;-)

Your collections are so unique, Ethel! I love that you see something fun and useful in something that wasn't intended to be fun. At least not fun for the moths.


Lovin' this collection! The graphics are great!! xo Heather


way cool!! LUV the graphics too.
I like the job the moth balls do and I found scented moth balls. Wish manufacturing would re-issue or come up with great packaging! Just doesn't seem to happen :-(


Love the idea to hide your air freshener. I think I saw that on here once before and then forgot about it. Thanks for showing it again, I am now officially on the hunt for a tin moth ball container to hide my air freshener!

chris mckinley

Your are right...never would have thought about collecting these. But you are also correct...the graphics are terrific!


Musings from Kim K.

Brilliant! I would have never thought of using air fresheners inside those cans.


did you find anything exciting in your neighbors dumpster? i love your idea for the air fresher containers!

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