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May 25, 2012



I have never seen the needle book with the Indian chief - great score!
I still haven't finished sorting all that lace and going through the patterns from last weekend so will try to finish that up before I add more to the pile - LOL!
Enjoy the weekend, sounds like the weather might not be too bad - yay!

chris mckinley

Love the Kellogg book!! How fun to change the outfits by turning the pages!!



I can see why this one sale made you happy :-)Love the tin Mother Hen game. Actually love all the things you found.The Kellogg's book is way too fun! Had to zoom in to check it out. I've never seen anything like that before. Cute duck display in your yard. Your blog is so much fun to look at. I look forward to it every day. I always find things that I've missed. It's like playing Eye Spy LOL.
Thanks for sharing!

Linda @ A La Carte

Another great score for you. Love the duck and glad he has a place to stay with you!


What a great start to the weekend. You really found some unusual things this time. Love your outside display with the duckies!
Have a super weekend!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Great fun finds Laurie! Love the Mother Hen game and those tin cups.
It's supposed to be 97 here tomorrow, so I won't even be sticking my big toe outside!

Musings from Kim K.

How fun is that tin Mother Hen game! Actually I really love ALL the treasures that you found but I have to say that your outdoor display with the tin pink stove just takes my breath away! Love it!! So darn charming. Have a wonderful weekend.


Wow what wonderful finds. I like those little white like cups with the decals. In your garden I adore that pink stove is it? Darling sitting there among the flowers. Our flowers have to be covered up at night since it's still too cool or brought inside. I tried yesterday to get them out but ended up setting some in the garage and some in the guest cottage, they are all in little planters. My hanging baskets are still at Cookies, I think next Tue I'll bring them home and try and get them outside without killing them.

Into Vintage

I spy one lone Christmas ornament there, rescued from what would surely have been an unhappy ending had you not come along! Yard sales here this weekend have been mediocre at best. Have a fab weekend!! See you at Farm Chicks -- woohoo!


Love the Mother Hen, and sweet duck cups!! Love your outside photos!! what beautiful treasures, and I love the little pink tin stove or desk? So fun!! Have a lovely weekend, too! xo Heather


i love that duck, and the kelloggs book! the animals riding turtles are pretty amazing.


I have the needle book with the women on it and the Kellogs book! I love the dog and cat on the other needle book. Too cute.


I love the metal mug with the witch on it and a crack on the top just where one might take a sip! If I were to receive a hot beverage served in this cup, I might take offense! HA HA No name on the bottom of this one? I think Fred was a favorite child.
Duck display is great. Lots of fun stuff, you lucky girl.


Pink stove!

Look for me at Farm Chicks- K?


The witch cup is awesomeness personified.

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