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May 04, 2012



Number 18 and you still got cool stuff! I've been there where I had to watch helplessly as someone else snagged all the vintage stuff that I was eyeballing.I've also been on the other end though where I beat someone to something and they had the sad face :-( Guess you have to share.
Glad you got some of those mica birds. Love your tree full of them at Easter.
Have a great weekend! Sounds like a busy one.


Senior prom!?!? How can that be? I bet she will be beautiful. What a fun evening for her. Are you involved in after prom activities? I remember thinking I would never catch up on sleep as I just can't do the staying up all night business. Now getting up at 5 am for an estate sale-count me in! :-)


i have never seen those mercury pics around here, they are so pretty!
the one time i got to a sale on time was to get a big stack of knee hugger elves (this sale had 30 i bet!) and a guy got there before me and swept every single christmas bit off the shelves into a box. i was so pissed! i usually don't get to sales when they open because i can't handle the heart break, haha.

Shelley Germann

Some nice goodies. Love the yearbook! I agree, it's very hard to have that door closed in front of you!

Sounds like you have a very busy weekend. Enjoy the prom, Mom! Have a good trip, too!

chris mckinley

Again, what wonderful things you are coming home with. I am missing mom's weekend at University of Oregon, no plane trip for me this weekend...daughter number 5 is off campus with a class this weekend..so sad to miss senior mom's weekend!!
Have fun with senior ball and mom's weekend??? Too much fun!



Even when you lose you win - great finds! Sounds like a fun weekend ahead. Enjoy!


Love those plant labels...of course you found pink picks...when I found a mere gold. Have fun with your kiddos. It is a big weekend for you. Enjoy it. I am loving my sweet bully and the new watering girl...Mandy Pandy...Smiles...Renee


What wonderful finds!! The sailboat tins are great!! And those duckies are too cute!! Hope your weekend is most lovely and fun!! xo Heather


I'm a big fan of those birds, too! Being the first person to not get in a sale is torture ... glad you got some things you liked.

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