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May 03, 2012



Wow, cool looking cart.Never seen a new cart painted in that hue before. Of course there's no Ikea close by to us :-(
The cart and color really fits your studio too! Go figure right?
You seem to have that "Midas" touch with everything LOL


I think you like to taunt me...no Ikea around here. No cool estate sales like you find. We do have pretty good auctions here so that is a plus. Still I need to make a trip out west one day.

Chelsea Ann

just read your comment on Danielle Thompsons blog and had to stop by... We were in P town just two weeks ago from Boise and they were out of stock :( My mission was unsuccessful ;( Oh-well I did end up with a pretty nightstand lamp.

Into Vintage

Now I want one too! Only two in stock? I hope the other one will still be there on Saturday, especially since I'll have to beg Mr IV to go into Ikea and get it for me.

I have a feeling he might not be excited about that. ;-)

chris mckinley

What a fun cart!! I may have to make a trip to Ikea!! Love the color!



As if I needed another reason to move to Portland! The closest Ikea here is in Pittsburgh, which is a good 7 hours from here - but about 1 1/2 hours from my parents, whew! It's probably just as well I'm not too close...


Good grief...you have telepathy. I have been spying this for a month. We do not have an IKEA close at all. Very unlucky for my but my dear this looks fantastic in your space...color and all. Smiles...Renee

Carol T.

So funny that you posted about this cart. I also saw it on someone's blog this week and thought it was cute - especially the color. We have an Ikea here in the metro Detroit area, but I have never been and it is about 45-60 minutes away. I have only seen it from the expressway. It looks perfect in your studio.


What a cute cart! I work so close to Ikea that I could almost walk there but I never go because there is just no way you can make a quick trip in and out because there is so much to see.


i bought pretty much all of that floral party stuff when i was there last! (we live four hours from one so it was a special trip!) i love that cart too. i thought about getting one, but i don't really have anywhere to put it.


Oh, I really like it!! I might have to go see if they have one in grey, but that aqua is quite pretty!! LOve your tin trash cans!! Oh, that is what I would love to see! Your collection of tin cans!! xo Heather

Musings from Kim K.

Our Ikea is 3 hours away. I really think I need a road trip after seeing your special cart. It looks perfect in your studio.


Cute, cute, cart! Tourquois has always been one of my "colors" but lately it has risen to the top of my like list (well, almost the top...red will be on top for a long time).

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

This is the first time I'm seeing this cart! It's the perfect Magpie Ethel shade of blue, isn't it? And it looks like it's always been there in your studio, holding all of your crafting goodies!

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