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May 06, 2012



Daughter so pretty!! Hope she had a terrific prom.
Also...Hope you had a good Mom's weekend-and the only thing that turned pink was his fraternity lion!
Once the children leave, you'll definately need a hobby to fill your time.....maybe you'll need to get crafty....HAHAHAHAHHA


I'm sure you know this, but Kate looks just like her lovely mother.


Makes me want to shed a tiny tear...as I am so close behind you with mine. Hung my sweet bully from a burlap wreath and he is so charming he might not scare anyone away. Miss Kate is just as sweet as her mom. What a wonderful "Mom" weekend before mother's day. Smiles...Renee

chris mckinley

What great pictures!! Your daughter looks lovely!! It sounds like you had a great weekend!



What beautiful pictures!! Your daughter looks so pretty and happy!! Love the pink lion in a tux!! Glad you had a wonderful weekend!! xo Heather


Ahhhh...thanks for sharing. Kate looks so much like you. Her personality shines through in these pictures. It will be an adjustment for you when she leaves but she will be having the time of her life so you will be fine. Plus you still have all of us blog friends to support you. :-)
Glad the weekend went well and you didn't miss any boats!


It happens before you know it! I won't say 'it was only yesterday' about my three (30, 28,26) but it was only a couple years ago that they were little! The good news is that God gives you the "Bonus Round" in the form of grandkids and you get to do it again with more time and more $$!



Awwwww.....cute pics!She looks like you too.Kate's date looks handsome too :-) Can't believe you're going to be an empty nester next year!
What a busy weekend for you.Glad the weather held out for you to take some pics.
Thanks for sharing


Oh so true. Mine are both in their 30s now and trust me, being a Mom never ends and sometimes it is hard to remeber they are that age and grown men now! Kate looks beautiful.

Musings from Kim K.

What fun pictures. Kate looks just beautiful, she definitely resembles you. Love the lion paint job. What a cool tradition. Sounds like a busy (but happy) weekend.

Carol T.

Awww - what a sweet blog post. I love prom pictures and your daughter is adorably cute. Loved your son's fraternity picture. It made me think back to when my son joined his fraternity (Delta Sigma Phi) in 2005 and I was completely shocked because he said he would never go Greek! This past friday, I brought my daughter home from Michigan State. She finished her sophomore year also. I can't believe she is half way done. Crazy!


Thanks for sharing pics of your family. Your daughter is adorable and definately a mini me of you! And Ben is a handsome guy who also shares his mommas face! Tyler my middle son came home from college Wednesday and already the house is fuller and my pantry is emptier! But nice to have them all home. It won't be long before they are gone :(

Into Vintage

Kate looks absolutely gorgeous and no doubt is just as beautiful on the inside. The second photo you posted is especially wonderful!! Time flies, doesn't it?

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