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May 30, 2012



How much fun is that to go to the Farm Chicks show every year with your mom! Always nice to have an extra pair of hands and eyes :-)
Hope you fill your cute cart to the brim with lots of goodies.
Have a wonderful weekend up there!
P.S Beautiful hydrangea in the background.


have fun!
i need one of those carts so bad! i almost picked a vintage one up at an estate sale but my husband convinced me not to because he "sees them all the time" and guess who hasn't seen one since! haha. i love how yours is decked out~


One day I am going to make it to the Farm Chicks show!
Of course your cart will be full of goodies-you are like a magnet that attracts wonderful things. You will have to do a post when you return so we can see everything you find.
Have fun!


Jealous! Thats it just plain ole jealous.

Musings from Kim K.

Have a spectacular time and take lots of pictures for us!!

chris mckinley

Have a great time!! I was hoping to go this year, but a grandbaby coming got in my way. Crossing my fingers that next year works out, I even have a friend in Spokane to stay!! Can't wait to see what you come home with!


Lisa W.

It is so great that you and your mom have so much fun together ! Live it up Laurie !


Enjoy every minute. I cannot wait to see what fun you have. Fill that buggy up to the brim...smiles...Renee


Oh, have a blast!! I wish I could go!! Looking forward to seeing your treasures! xo Heather


Boo-hoo!I didn't see you!!! But I'm not surprised! Wow, that place was busy and big! I was there Sunday from about 11:00- 3:00. One of those carts would come in sooo handy!

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