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May 23, 2012


chris mckinley

So nice of you to help a friend!! With all of your experience in estate sale shoppin you have a good idea of how to price things! Don't you love to barter?



That's the best payday ever! Looks like you found some really fun "Ethel-style" goodies. Super cute!

Into Vintage

I want that job! And that paycheck. :-)


Ohhhh...nice! Nothing like first dibs too!


It was so kind of you to help them and getting paid in hard to find treasures is way better than cash or a good meal out.

Melissa's Antiques

I got a similar payday for helping clean out my great aunts house when we moved her to a nursing home. It's nice when you don't expect something and get little goodies! :) Happy day, indeed.


That is good Karma...you are a well deserved payee. Loved my boards and the stitching. Can't wait to post on them. One more day of school...smiles..Renee


"Will work for tinsel!" I can see you now sitting on the curb with this sign around your neck. :-)
One more day of school and then I can thrift until the cows come home! Woo hoo!


that is awesome! i have a friend who i dogsit for all the time. I didn't ask them to pay me because really having another dog to cuddle is enough for me, but they bring me vintage dog stuff! it is perfect! my favorite kind of pay day too!

Musings from Kim K.

Definitely a perfect kind of payday. Good for you. That Yippee party hat is just fabulous. I found a vintage little cowgirl vest at an antique store a week ago for $5. My mother is going to embellish it further and give it to Josie for her upcoming 6th birthday. Yippee for recycling/thrifting!


Love that party hat. Yippee! kind of sums you up. Maybe you should wear it to your next show! 8+)


I've always thought it would be fun to help set up for a sale - I could be wrong, however. The pay looks very fun, though!


That is definitely a great way to get paid!! Love your sweet treasures!! Love all the Christmas goodies!! xo Heather


Great vintage treasures and great eye candy for the rest of us :) I would love to be paid in vintage!


I would rather get paid in vintage goodies too! Lucky you.
Hope you have good sales this weekend too :-)

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