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June 12, 2012



Very pretty
I don't think I've seen too many flower plaster or chalkware pieces.Love how you put a little note behind the one with the story about it. I have things with that came with history about it. It always makes it seem a little more special that way.
Thanks for brightening my morning!


These are beautiful. I remember doing plaster in Vacation Bible School. Another lost art I am afraid. To think how fragile these things are and they made it through the years...lovely...smiles...Renee


They look like Chaulkware. I have over 85 pieces of it through
out my house. I love the stuff. Your's are really lovely.


These are delightful, especially the Bleeding Heart and I like the way you display them all in a row. They look great!

Sheryl Remy

The chalkware is lovely. I thought you might like to check out Martha Stewart Crafts. They have an inspiration booklet in the craft area with ideas on using cupcake wrappers. Examples are medallions, treat cups, fortune cookies and garland. The gardland features peony garland, daffodil garland and gardenia. Happy crafting. Sheryl

Little Susie Home Maker

What a fun blog you have! I just linked over from Heathers blog. Love your patriotic designs! Pretty plaster flowers, too! Blessings,


Way cool!! I have recently discovered chalkware. First purchase was a life size bulldog.
I love how you have grouped your flowers together. Another thing to look for and another "idea from the Marvelous Magpie Ethel"


These are beautiful, and so unique! Such a great edition to your collection! They look so lovely on your wall! xo Heather


Those look so good all lined up in a row! I have one in my booth (think it was homemade) that is a blue lily. If its not sold by July (were closing down in July) I will gift it to you :)

Musings from Kim K.

That is the perfect little wall for displaying your lovely flower collection. Anytime I can get a sneak peek inside your home makes me happy.


Only four? Get busy, girl! (I have zero, btw.) These are great, and I love how you displayed them.


OMG, again! You are killing me! I collect these too! You are too much! :-)


These are really beautiful!! I have never seen these.

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