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June 19, 2012


Kim Kenward

I'm your twin when it comes to this collection. I have stacks of them in my craft room for inspiration. Renee sent me the Children's Party Book (published by the Staley's Cream Corn Starch Company) last year. The illustrations are just gorgeous.

Party ON!!


oh i love these! i think my favorite is the one about making centerpieces with odds and ends! i used to throw lots of parties, but got kind of burnt out. I think i need to start again!

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

What a fun collection Laurie. I bet you get tons of inspiration from these books.


Love that Saalfield Pub. Co. They seem to have had some wonderful illustrators. This is a collection that could be very handy. Something I am sure you reference often! Have a wonderful party filled day...smiles...Renee


No party for me... I'm too worried people will talk about the improper way I covered my nutcups and purposelessness of the party!
The Campbell Kids look pretty cute -- don't think I've seen that little book. The hunt goes on...


Oh, I have some books like that around. I need to pull them out and try some of the ideas. Thanks for the inspiration! And yes, you do need to make the party hat!


A very fun and very unusual collection. Has it occured to you that you collect collections?


What a fun collection of party books! The Campbell kids are so cute! Let's see... Show me your collection of tin canister or tin trash cans. xo Heather

chris mckinley

What a great collection!!! Your collections never cease to amaze me!!



Holy Moley did you ever get a lot of great things from the estate sales! I see collection challenges in their futures.
So glad you saw my post about your creAtions! My own crafts never leave my craft room, but yours can be found sprinkled all about. They make eVeryone smile!
Have a great weekend! E

Sheryl Remy

As always your collections are magical.


Hi, just wanted to say it was nice seeing you at Glory Days Antiques on Tuesday. I saw you at Farm Chicks, but was unable to get over to you. Hope you liked the shop! Debbie, Station 521

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