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June 26, 2012



We have those same bins. I love the handiness of them but the site is unbearable. This is a sweet collection that works out perfectly. Well done Mr. Tom and who knew Delmonte made coffee...Smiles...Renee


Great project idea! What a sweet husband you have. Mine is the same too when it comes to constructing projects for me :-)
Your yard is so cute. Such a clever use of the screen and the vintage coffee cans. I noticed the R on one of the containers too.
Thanks for sharing and the ideas!

kim g.

Just darling! A perfect way to disguise the cans!


Looks great!


that looks great! what a cool stand!


Cleverness runs in your family! Looks great (much, much, much better than the bins, no matter how noble their purpose).


What a great idea! I see you have planted them with sedums so I'm guessing they aren't too much of a chore to keep watered. I just might borrow this idea in some form when we move our cross-fence forward. I have chain link so it would be a good way to make it look less utilitarian.


Very cool!



I love the project. It works well for the screen effect but could be used anywhere. Good use of the collection, too.


Love how you displayed you vintage coffee cans! Such a great idea!! Your house is so pretty, and I love the grey! ;) xo Heaher

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

You're so right, those cans are always full of nails in the garage at estate sales! Love the ugly can hider. Those old coffee cans are so charming!


Good to the last drop! Nice way to take them out of storage and into
your line of vision every day! Love it! Great idea!


Sheryl Remy

I too have the huge plastic bins for garbage collection. All the houses in the neighborhood have the same problem of nowhere to go with them. You solution is brilliant. Nothing utilitarian, just wonderful, living greenery and lovey junk. Good job.


Meri Wiley

Is there anything you DON'T collect? That's probably a smaller list...huh?



Love the way you hide the bins!!!

Lisa W.

Not a bin in sight ! What a great solution ... such a clever girl ... and what a helpful husband. You make a good team !


I have been collecting tin and enamel cups for a garden project.I just may have to borrow your screen door idea.

I love the great recycling program in our area but I agree those bins sure are ugly and hard to hide.Good job on screening yours.

Into Vintage

This looks great! (I keep my coffee filters in an old coffee can). I will forward this post to Mr Into Vintage as the great park-in-the-garage debate rages on... :-)

Vintage by Crystal

Garbage cans? What garbage cans? Your driveway looks awesome and I'm suddenly wishing I drank 50 year old coffee so I could have me some nifty planters too! ;)

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