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June 29, 2012



Love the Planters Presidents paint book.What a find for your collection and just in time too! Bet the metal stool is going to look cute once you put your Magpie Ethel touch to it.
Thanks for sharing - Have a great weekend.


Do you have to travel far to find all these estate sales? we just dont have that many around here. I'm thinking today might be a good garage sale day though!
have a great weekend


Something for every holiday, or just about! I love turkeys ... I think because they're so hard to find.


Best stool ever. I have a thing for these because I am height challenged. That pledge is delightful. Such a great little lot. Smiles...Renee


Wow, looks like you had a VERY good day. I don't even know what I like best, although that metal stool is pretty awesome. High five!


The zoo of bright animals is so great! And the page of I Like Ike reminds me that my mother had a little pin that said I Like Ike...now I wonder what happened to it...

Maria (Magia Mia)

You know what plastic animals give me a warm fuzzy and transport me back to childhood? Those transparent ones that Farrell's used to put on their ice cream desserts.....:)


What neat finds! Love the stool and the Christmas goodies! The pledge is such a wonderful find! Happy weekend to you! xo Heather


Laurie I look forward to your finds, I love all WWII items, this one is esp meaningful. I had forgotten about the gumdrop trees, not sure why, but as a kid was fascinated with those !! Elaine


I hit only one 'packed' sale and got a bag of tiny spun heads (like half the size of a marble) for a $ 1.00. You have my email so send me your address and I'll send some!


twinkle beverages

After all my years reading your blog and pining after your goodies, I finally found something! Drum roll please....four plastic doilies. LOL. Woo Hoo...happy dance. These will keep me going for weeks. So happy for you.
Have a splendid weekend.
Twinkle Beverages

chris mckinley

Once again some terrific finds!! i love the President's Book!!


Kim Kenward

I've been sneaking in my favorite blogs in between loads of laundry. I have quite a bit of catchup after being offline for a week. Your Presidents Paint book is fabulous. It'll be perfect for your fantastic collection.

Sheryl Remy

I have some of the Planters giveaways via my husband. Your president's book is the just the best. I found a small Liberty Bell bell and a Washington Monument this past weekend while garage saling for my 4th of July decorating. I wish we had estate sales too. I loved your finds.
Sheryl Remy


Love the gumdrop trees!! Reminds me of my grandmas house :) She was always puttings that thing out at the holidays. If she didn't have gumdrops she would substitute miniture marshmellows lol.

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