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June 22, 2012




I just fainted.

my shabby roses

It wasn't a great day for treasure hunting...glad you found a box of pink ornaments though.
Hopefully tomorrow we hit the motherload! (o:

chris mckinley

Holy smoke!! Someone loved pink Christmas ornaments!! Can't wait to see what you do with them.


Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

Pinkalicious! Oh can you imagine a christmas tree all decked out in only pink?

Into Vintage


Did you find these at an abandoned Shiny Brite factory? If so, where is it? ;-)

Lucky Ethel.


What a fun find! I am imagining all sorts of things that could be done with so many matching. Can't wait to see what Ethel comes up with.


EEEK! I thudded with Shara! :)

Gina @ VintageJunkinMyTrunk

WHAT?!! Oh, and that thud you heard across the country? Another one down with Shara and Holly.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Can you see me? Look down, because I'm on the floor with Shara, Holly and Gina! That was one pretty terrific box!


OH MY gosh!! I would so go back to the house and asked if any of the owners family is still around and then asked if they remembered the tree decorated in pink and if there was any pics!I would do it too, honest, hubby says I embreass him all the time.I like to hear the stories of stuff I buy. One yard sale find this weekend, a box of Christmas for $5.00! It had 16 gurley candles in it. two Rudolph,one light post, two green trees. 1 red tree, 2 tress with a light tan and white coloring, two snowmen, and 7 carolers!! I was a happy lady! We brought them striaght home annd but them in the ACed house!
Have a blessed week my friend! Just want to tell you again, I so love my 4th of jUly goodies from you


Only you can find these Costco club sized vintage lots! And of course they are not the normal red...no no they are quintessential pink. Love every single one of them...smiles...Renee


Great find! That reminds me of one of my best finds. I was at GW it was about to close. A girl was working, bringing out carts of merchandise from the back. She asked me if I was looking for anything specific. I said "vintage". She brought out 2 cardboard boxes and said "I think these might be vintage" Those 2 cardboard boxes held 12 boxes of Shiny Brites. Total cost? $2.00! Good day indeed!


I am glad you found them, too, because you know how I worry when I see you write LOUSY in capital letters.


Oh Laurie, you hit the mother load of pink ornaments. I hope you put some on Etsy. I need some!!! Pink is so hard to find in the vintage ones!



WOW, and you dast say a lousy sale! Bite your tongue young woman! That looks like a wreath of girly delight in your future!

Color me green with envy!


Oh, I am so jealous of those pink ornaments! Great find Laurie!! ;) xo Heather


Hi Laurie, You know whenever you type lousy, I have to laugh! I picture one of your alter egos with glasses saying it.
OMG! Of course you love vintage because of your grandmother's scrapbook. It all makes perfect sense. I am soooo thankful for the grandmother you had!
LOVE this Lousy sale - holy pink ornaments! Have a great week! E


The only words that come to mind are, "Holy Crap!"

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