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June 08, 2012



Doesn't look too slim...made you happy at least.I found that exact canister without a lid last weekend! I also have another one (no lid).The lids to those must have been fragile or something.Looks like one of my knee huggers ran away to your house LOL
Love the Little Pigs nursery set!
I have a kid coming home for the Summer too next week.Full house here all Summer! I'll have to run away a little more :-)


I think you know I love the kitties, now! ;) You always find such great treasures. I see you created some wonderful things with those vintage Christmas balls! xo Heather


that little kitten set is sure different I like that lucky you!

Mary Ann

I found that glass canister a few months ago, but I guess I'm one of the lucky ones because mine has a lid. What made it even better was that is was only 50cents (church sale. Those are the best!)


What a change to go from a girl to a boy in the house. I have both boys at a campout this weekend and Claire here at a tournament. The need factor is a huge difference. Love your finds....smiles..Renee


Great Slim Pickins! Don't you love the word Icicles better than tinsel! Have a great weekend! E

Linda @ A La Carte

That little cat set is precious! Great finds!

shirley hatfield

I saw the same glass cannister at the antique mall today...no lid! LOL! I have a similar one...colorwise, but floral...no lid! Those lids are doomed! =D

Gmama Jane

I'm delighted to find your blog and see all the wonderful vintage treasures you have collected and sell in your etsy shop. But I think you would be so sad to find out HOW I found you? Someone left a very negative comment on a blog I visit, comparing the crafts found at "SaturdayFinds" to crafts you make. I don't know any of the folks involved only to read how hurt the author of the blog SaturdayFinds was over her very first snippy comment. I had to check out your blog and I can tell that you would not have approved of that person making that comment. As Bloggers, we have no control other than to delete or screen comments. You may want to check out the June 7th Post and comment by jc on this blog http://saturdayfinds.blogspot.com/

We bloggers must stick together and support one another. I don't believe that jc had her own blog.
I will be back to enjoy more of your treasures whcih proves good things can come from bad. I would have never found you if not for /jc/.
Gmama Jane


That pink cat set is adorable!! You did better than I this weekend. I took a picture but haven't even blogged about it yet. Slim pickings indeed!


I love your wonderful piggy finds! :-)


Don't know what the deal is with those canisters, but I have two, with lids, which are different from each other ... I think anything goes if it fits. No sales for me for SO long with party preparations and a party this weekend but hoping to hit a few soon!

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