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June 07, 2012



I knew you would find some real treasures. Stools have been my "thing" lately. I can't wait to see what you do with yours-you will have to do a post. I also want to see your 4th of July decorating. I always get great ideas from your pictures.
If I can't go to Farm Chicks I can at least enjoy it through you. :-)

Debra Ganas

Tiny Chairs=LOVE! AWesome score, Laurie!


chris mckinley

Thanks for sharing! It looks like you had successful trip!! Love the 4th of July cookie cutters.



I love the tiny chairs too.Will you use your Magpie Magic on them?


You are kidding me...I have been looking for those chairs for years..what a find. The swim cap...find the label I am sure your name is on it. Gorgeous. Can you imagine a pool full of them. Love the wire stand and all your holiday goods. Man I need to get out. Smiles...Renee


Yes....I can picture you as one of those swimming beauties with those caps on LOL. You model them very well!
Love all the metal items you found and I can see the sweater on you.
Those chairs are too cute too!!
I have that exact frog squeaky toy in my bathroom :-)
Thanks for sharing all the pics. Dreary and raining down this way and your blog brightened my day as usual!


Oh, I would have bought that metal stand. That is great!

But those tiny chairs were made for y-o-u. Can hardly wait to see what you do with them.

Great swim cap... you can wear it today to keep your hair dry. Maybe you can start a new trend in Weird Portland.


Laurie, you did such a great job once again. Your "haul" is just wonderful. The little chairs are to die for...so adorable!

shirley hatfield

Pinterest had me grinning and thinking about you! And I cried with greed when I saw those little chairs. My Grandma Patta used to do the table decorations for church luncheons...those chairs were probably for a luncheon or fashion show...maybe for swim suits and matching caps! =D

shirley hatfield

My comment got cut off at the top...I meant to say I saw a pic of vintage swim caps on Pinterest and thought of you...how weird the other one sounds. LOL!


Your cap photos always make me laugh. :-)

That chippy white metal thing is an interesting thing, eh? Perfect for flowers on the porch.


Thank you so much for the switch in your wonderful sale. Love your chairs! So many fun finds, but can you imagine making a Lincoln cookie! Eee Gad that's one ugly cookie!


Great finds Laurie! I knew I was gonna be jealous when I read this post :) Love that metal stand and all those itty bitty chairs, oh my... awesome! Can't wait to see your 4th of July decortions! You always inspire my decorating on the holidays.


Oh my gosh, what a deal to find all those little chairs at once. I see a whole new "Ethel" line on the horizon!

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

Love the swim cap and those teensy chairs (are you listing any on etsy?) Good finds!


I can't wait to see a team of Spun Heads sitting down on those adorable chairs! FUN FINDS indeed!



First of all: Fabulous way to open your post! That photo of you in your new cap brought an instant smile to my face! That cap is so great-- is it a "top notch"?!
Second: I love those little chairs!! I've always wanted to find one of those. They're so sweet!
Third: Thanks for sharing your Farm Chicks fun with us! Once again, I'm living vicarously through you. Each year I depend on you to share the fun, and you never disappoint!!

Sheryl Remy

You always brighten my day when I read your blog. I get to check you out at work before I start for the day. I come in early just to sit and enjoy the pictures and posts. Congratulations on those tiny chairs.


Musings from Kim K.

I'm smiling at your swimcap. You are such a darling model. Love the patriotic cookie cutters but those teeny tiny chairs are simply AMAZING!!! I'm addicted to miniature furniture and those are just the most darling finds. So glad they found a good home.


Wow, you brought home such great goodies!! The swim cap, the pink kitties, and those mini chairs, awesome!! Thanks for sharing, and so glad you brought such prettiness home!! xo Heather


Sorry, I put the kitties in the wrong comment! Ha!! ;) xo Heather

birdie blue

wonderful finds, laurie. love living vicariously thorough you... those chairs! be still my heart, i've looked for those on ebay, etsy, etc., and never had any luck. what a find!

love the pic of you in the swim cap, you go girl!



Seriously, you always find the most amazing treasures!! Those chairs, the swim cap, the metal FLORAL BASKETS....holly cow I love it all!! Have you ever thought of adopting an older child{and by older I mean MUCH older:like 44}???



LOVE the cooler- rust and all!

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