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June 21, 2012



I'm the only one in my family that is the lover of anything vintage too.Not sure where I get mine from though.What a great thing to inherit from your Grammy.That's so wonderful that you have that special album and other things from Ethel "Grammy". Thanks for sharing the story and the album...The connection is plain as day!
P.S you look great in glasses with that great head of curls!

Kim Kenward

What a special scrapbook. The cover is just fantastic. Indeed a family treasure. It definitely runs in your genes.


Terrific album. I'm amazed she kept it up for 4 years with 4 year old twin boys running around the house!

Remember when bacon and liver were health foods?

Happy, sunny day


WOW!! Your grandmother was ahead of her time as far as modern scrapbooking goes. What a treasure! I bet she'd be thrilled to know that scrapbook is still around and admired!


As soon as I saw the Easter grass, I was convinced - there is a gene! That scrapbook is such a treasure. I love that she saved the everyday things along with the treasures. (Even the liver soup label! Can you imagine anything worse?)


oh my goodness! i would DIE if i found an album like that! and to have one that belonged to someone in my family would be even better! i love it!
i'm the only vintage lover in my family, really. i did just find out my great uncle has had an antique booth for YEARS and sells stuff to cracker barrell so we're setting up a date so he can give me tips! i'm so excited!


I too am the keeper of "things". That scrapbook is simply amazing. Ethel was thoughtful to have kept every little thing. I love it all. Except Liver Soup. Ick.

Into Vintage

This book is amazing! I love that she saved things from so many aspects of their lives -- right down to the baby food labels and the key that 'reappeared' (hilarious). You are most definitely Ethel's granddaughter. :-)
PS I whole heartedly agree with Shara about liver soup. Can't imagine anything much worse that that...


When I saw the colors and the graphics and the little "comments" I knew for sure it is in your genes! Your Grammy must have been a very special woman and I bet that she would love that you use her name!


Amazing you have this scrap book and even more amazing when I am reminded I had one very much like it and now I'm wondering where the heck it is. I'm going to go look. Nan

shirley hatfield

I am in awe of that album! I cannot think of a more precious heirloom than those sweet glimpses into the lives of two little boys. Every little detail is a treasure. I posted a pic of the cute patriotic doll I got from you on Etsy. I absolutely love it and will treasure it! =D

Antiques GaloreGal

Oh my goodness, I can relate. My paternal grandmother was the same, kept scrapbooks and everything else!!!! No one else in my family is like that. My mother threw everything away. Only 1 of my 5 children shows any interest at all in collecting or vintage. She will go to estate sales with me and occasionally finds something that she likes.

They think I'm strange and I wonder why they don't feel like I do. lol1


I, too, am the keeper of the archives, although I have no clue how that came to be. Your provenance is crystal clear!!


Wow, what an awesome piece of family history to have!!! I love that your grandmother saved everything!! I wonder what that liver soup tasted like?? Uck!!


I know I say this to you often but this is truly amazing. So many questions and gaps can be filled in just in the pages of this book. The entire era of growth in mere pictures. Written in her own beautiful handwriting. I kept a napkin of each of my kiddos birthday too. I am the sole keeper in a long line of pitchers..smiles..Renee

Linda @ A La Carte

This was so much fun to see the album and the napkins! Yep in your genes!

Sheryl Remy

What's that old saying? The apple doesn't fall far from the tree? What an amazing piece of family history.


Yep, the pack rat gene is eveident. I have it too from my grandmother. The problem is I think I have to save complete strangers stuff forever too!




OMG I love Grammy Ethel too!! I've gotten a few eye rolls in my day for saving/scrapbooking "good stuff" Someday when I'm dead I hope someone will look at my treasures with the same appreciation as all the folks did with you today! Thanks for sharing!!

chris mckinley

What a wonderful treasure!! And it certainly went to the best person, someone who loves to collect vintage anything!!



The best part of that amazing scrapbook is that it was kept and passed on to the perfect person to cherish it. Every page reminded me of something you would have kept. Definetly got your grammy's genes! My grandma saved, my mom threw away, glad I got the "save" gene!

Lisa W.

How wonderful that you still have this family treasure ! There is nothing better . I just love the few family items that my parents managed to save. .... but I would have been over the moon to get a scrapbook like yours.... it's adorable ! And informative .... Liver soup !? Who knew !?

Lisa W.

Oh and she saved a bit of Easter grass ... that is too cute. Yep - that Easter grass gene came right to you !

Mitzi Curi

Wonderful scrapbook! Liver soup? That doesn't sound very appetizing!


This is just wonderful! How awesome that you have it! Love the napkins! P.S. My customer/friend Jane bought an Uncle Sam from your etsy shop!!!

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