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June 06, 2012



Congratulations to Kate!!! If she is anything like my Kate these next four years will be some of her best years yet. It will be a real transition time for you but it is all good. I love that picture of her!


Woo Hoo! Congratulations on this amazing milestone for your daughter. Boy, that's one in and one out for you. Happy days!
Thanks for your wonderful Farm Chicks post. The tall dress you are photographed in front of is quite amazing!
Birdcage fabulous. But I am beyond curious about what on earth the thing is that has a cup and a drippings can with a pole in the middle. Very curious!
Lastly, thanks for the idea of putting a shelf above a doorway. More spaces for vintage collectibles! Waiting for 5:30! See you then! E


Laurie I did it again! I'm sitting awaiting 5:30pm EXACTLY when it dawns on me I am 3 hrs too early! LOL! Be back ......


Oh Laurie, congratulations to your beautiful daughter on graduation! I shed a little tear for you on your soon to be empty nest. Sad to see them off but also exciting for the next phase of life for our kids but also us older and wiser parents :) I am right there with ya!


Congratulations to your sweet daughter Kate!! What an accomplishment!! You must be very proud of her!! xo Heather


She looks like she has your spirit!! Congratualtions to her and good luck to you with the empty nest. I bet all will be fine.


It is hard isn't it...like we should hang on to them for fear of not seeing them ever again. Miss Kate you are just a doll. "A true young Laurie." Congratulations for all your accomplishments. Miss Laurie you too have graduated in many ways. You may now wipe your brow and rest for a few moments until the next phase begins...by the way...I say the word Kansas on the spun hat and knew it had to be...smiles...Renee

Kim k.

What a fabulous picture of your beautiful daughter. An amazing milestone.


What an adorable bunch of patriotic sweeties.

Congrats to your daughter on her graduation. I'll be a basket case when that time comes for sure. Mine moves to middle school next Year and I'm having a hard time dealing with that little change.

chris mckinley

You must be so proud!! She's a darling girl and will be a great addition to the student population at Gonzaga!!! I have 5 girls and all have gone out of state to school...only one lives in California. They are all over Georgia, Washington, Nevada and Oregon! I miss them terribly. However....an empty next provided me a wonderful room to craft in!! The silver lining???


Congratulations!!! Raising a child to highschool graduation is no small feat. She is adorable and looks so much like you and so happy. Will she be attending OSU like Ben?


Cute pic of Kate
Congratulations!! Goes by fast doesn't it?

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