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June 01, 2012



Where to start?...First-I am impressed with your ability to put a video on your blog. And now for the caps...the ruffles, the bows, the tassel are all tres chic but I do believe the bangs take the cake. I especially like that you can set them at home yourself to get just the right amount of curl. While the caps were fun to look at I do believe the audience reaction was the real treat. They appeared so unmoved by the beauty they were seeing. Perhaps they were just overwhelmed and didn't know how to react. I mean Punch and all those caps would be a lot to take in.
Thanks for sharing!

Lisa W.

It worked alright ! What a hoot ! I just think these old film clips are amazing. ... both educational and entertaining. That was quite an assortment of caps and the presentation was hilarious. Fingers crossed you find the banged example at some point. You can set them in any number of styles, you know. ;)


Thanks Laurie, that was fun!
Sorry I don't have time to chat... I'm off to set my bangs in any number of styles.

Heidi German

I'm now officially training for a triathlon this summer so I'm having to swim laps at the pool. I DEFINITELY think it would be more enjoyable if I had a cute vintage swim cap to wear! LOL


While I prefer the lovely bang style, I think the red strapless would perhaps be a more flattering style for me due to the pesky "double chin affect" :) And I love the audience, what a fun blast from the past ! Elaine


How fun! Thanks for the amusing interlude! And how about that lipstick??


I'm enjoying these comments as much as I did the video! It is really hard to top the ones with bangs.


I loved this! This was my favorite post of the day-- and the comments were just as funny!

kim g.

Delightful! I liked the captivating formal cap and the ruffle and bow cap. The strapless cap they prevents double chins is quite clever! Hope you and mom have a blast tomorrow. Happy day!

chris mckinley

Thanks for sharing the video...too funny!! Not sure which is my favorite but the one with bangs sure is different!! Good luck searching for one!!!



I want the rose one with the leaves...I can't wait to hunt these babies down. What a gem. Can you imagine trying to do a fashion show in a puppet theater? Smiles...Renee


Oh the bathing cap. My mom wore one when I was little. I thought it was so neat! The video was so much fun to watch. Thank you!


Suzie Cross

Fabulous! Tassels, ruffles, bows 'n bangs-so very stylish! Thanks for the smiles, Laurie :-)


That was a hoot!! I loved the looks on the faces of the folks in the audience. When I was a teenager I had one that was covered is big, floppy flower petals. Dang! This is why we should not throw things away.


These are so fun to see!! Love the rose one!! Thanks for sharing!! xo Heather

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