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July 16, 2012


my shabby roses

What a pretty plant. I've never heard of it before. I'll have to check that out, I'm always looking for something along the fence to block the neighbors garage. (o:


Wow...that is beautiful. The amazing things you can grow in your wonderful climate. I am more than sure it fits into your vintage garden. We have seriously given up this season. It has been horribly dry and now we are on water restrictions. Smiles...Renee

Kerstie Pederson

They are sooo pretty. I need one, strike that want one for my yard. I have seen them in action, they spread so beautifully. They get a little fall color and then go deciduous in the winter. Don't give up on it I hear they take 3 seasons to really get going.


So pretty and delicate! Love it!! Happy summer day to you! xo Heather


I love surprises in the garden! Your vine is so sweet...good surprise!

Sheryl Remy

The coloring is beautiful. You said that it wintered over. Do you know what growing zone you are?

Sheryl Remy


Oh, that is beautiful! If it turns out to be perenial here it would be really pretty climbing on your new trellis.


Thank you for rotating the photo - I was just about to look at it upside down. It's beautiful!

Into Vintage

I love it when flowers are given such sweet names. The stamens on this one make me think of a little whipped cream on a cup of cocoa.


You listen to the garden show on your way to estate sales, I'll bet! Great finds in your previous post, and loved The Whistler!
Oh My Gosh Laurie, your banner has arrived, and I can't begin to express how perfectly YOU it is and how much it reminds me of this very favorite blog of mine. I am so honored you have made this for me, and I will treasure it always. I will be posting about it very soon. PS No words needed for the cowboy on his horse! Well maybe one, Yippie Kia!


What a pretty vine and name. It suits your garden well I'm sure. I have a Passion Flower Vine that has striking flowers on it and it took a year or so get really established. I might have to give the cup and saucer vine a try. Your weather might be more suitable up there than down this way though. Thanks for sharing and for turning the pic upside down for us!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

It's always SO nice when the surprises in the garden are good surprises! I've heard of this vine before, but never knew what it looked like. It's so sweet, and I hope it comes back for you year after year!

one gal's trash

Perennials: Year 1: they sleep, Year 2: they creep, Year 3: they LEAP! So planting one of these in my next garden. Sun or shade?

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