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July 03, 2012



I KNEW you had a plethera of stools, but maybe didn't realize it! I have them tucked everywhere. I am 5 2 1/2" so we have more than junking and collecting in common! I have a stool with the pull out steps permanently sitting under my flag pole so I can put the flag out every morning.

Heigh challanged! love it!

Mary Ann

I have the same yellow stool with steps, in my kitchen. I found it at my parent's lake house. It was my Grandmother's and since I live in what used to be my Grandmother's house, it has returned back to where it belongs. I just love the color.


It seems to me that you have that height problem pretty much solved! I do love that latest stool and also the little green one. I keep only one stepping stool in the house and I lug it from room to room. I like your idea better.

Into Vintage

21 stools!! Do you have a secret warehouse somehwere I need to know about? Love that chair base stool. I think that inspires me to make one exactly like it. ;-)


Next week, stool shopping for sure...Love the stacking idea. Oh and by the way I have decided if you bought in Kansas it must come back and visit me. You know sort of a shared custody...dang cute...smiles..Renee
Happy fourth...smiles...Renee


I love a good stool! I have a slight stool obsession myself. I have the same yellow one with the steps (and 2 in red). They are just so dang handy! Not to mention cute :) Although you beat me at this collection too. Counting in my head I think I only have about 13. Would someone think I was nutty if I said I "only" had 13 stools? ha!

my shabby roses

Wow Girl, you do have stools! You've got me beat...I have a total of two. It must be because I'm so tall! (o:
Have a great 4th Laurie,

chris mckinley

So many stools!!! Let's just say I need to use a stool once in awhile, but pretty sure I don't have enough to call them a collection!


Mitzi Curi

Have you ever seen the movie "Waiting for Guffman"? It's about a community theater group in a small town that's the stool capital of Nebraska (I think). A cute running joke throughout the movie. Anyway, I love your stool collection!!


What a awesome collection!! I have a few stools, and ottomans, and love collecting them!! Love the aqua one! xo Heather

Sam miller

Lovely flowers! I have that pink cooler, and never would have thought to use it as a vase.

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