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July 17, 2012


shirley hatfield

Man...and I can't even find one package of Bingo Cards! Fun, fun post! =D


I have some of those spinners but I didn't know what they went with. I just loved the colors. I think that is why Bingo is so fun, graphic, colorful and loads of pieces. Love your LUXURY edition...smiles...Renee


Not only do you have the best collections of anything vintage...You are so organized too! The graphics are just wonderful on those Bingo games.
Thanks for sharing ~ Your blog has brought nothing but joy and inspiration to me :-)


Who knew ?!!
Where else can you find info like this? Thanks Laurie. The boxes are so appealing. They really make the game look exciting.

Kim Kenward

I love crafting with bingo cards and you definitely have quite the lovely stash. I've not come across any fun boxes. Just the cards. Another great collection.


Ah, infinite variety is what makes collecting fun! I just came home with a bingo cage...now for something fun to do with it ;)


Very cool! I have a few Bingo cards for paper crafting but didn't realize there is such variety out there. Thanks for showing and telling. Say, do you collect Melmac, etc. dishes? If so, show me!

Sheryl Remy

Your collection made me remember my first Bingo game at Church as a little girl. They had so many players that we used dried corn kernels as markers. I thought it was so exciting and came close to winning so many times. I guess that's why I love your collection.
Sheryl Remy


I sell a lot of BINGO games and BINGO cards in my booth. I have the one on the bottom in the second photo - I just had to keep that one.

I have a seat of BEANO Cards - I never knew the history of it, so thanks. I only bought them because of The Bean.


B-I-N-G-O, BI-I-N-G-O, Bingo is your name-O! 8+)
Enjoyed the little history lesson.


I love all of the graphics. Such wonderful art. Thanks for sharing your collection.


Oh, I love Bingo, and you have quite a neat collection! The Bingo-matic is cool!! Those little birdies are too cute!! Have a great day! xo Heather


I love using bingo cards and markers for stuff. I had lots of vintage lace to sell so I wrapped pieces around bingo cards for my booth. I think it made them sell quicker cuz those things flew out of my booth (Well, I like to think thats why, could have been just way underpriced :)

Lisa W.

Very Nice collection ! I really enjoyed taking a look because I have not paid much attention to bingo stuff in the past ..... thanks for sharing !


very cool! i have a hard time passing up ANY vintage games! i think i only have one bingo set though, and i love the ones with spinners. those graphics just get me every time.

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