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July 24, 2012



I like the line "interest in my kitchen". Your house has something interesting to look at every which way you turn. I love seeing how you use your finds throughout your house. It really inspires me in my own decorating. Keep on giving us great ideas.
I imagine you are getting Kate ready to go off to school. Is she going with a vintage theme in her dorm? That would be an interesting post!


Enamelware. Beautiful, utilitarian, simple, I can just go on for days. Never one for the speckled kind I keep pieces of it all over the house. However, now I see I need to use it outside too. Loving your pieces...smiles...Renee


So beautiful is your collection! Love the pink!! I also like the idea of using the lid as a tray!! :) xo Heather


Every time I see another one of your collections I feel like grabbing my husband and showing him that there IS really a person who has more of everything than I do! The bird feeder is fantastic!

chris mckinley

What a fun collection!! I love enamelware!



I have never seen turqoise before. Imagine being a young bride in the 40s (50s?) with a whole set of those to cook meals for your family while you daydreamed about having the matching stove!


Love your enamelware. the pink is sweet but I always go back to red and white.


I find enamelware hard to resist, too ... it's just so sturdy and hardworking. You've done some great things with yours! I love that birdfeeder.


I LOVE that birdfeeder. I made a huge windchime of sorts out of a lid, enamelware cups and cutlery. Do you have any enamelware spoons? I have the tiny pink potty and a blue one too. When The Bean was very little - probably about three, he spotted two orange enamelware cups at a sale for 5¢ each. He loves orange. I bought them and he has used them every single morning for breakfast for the past 13 years. I do think that was 10¢ well spent!

Into Vintage

I'm just glad you didn't stop at 100 -- I had a feeling there were another hundred collections yet! :-) The little dishes for the twins are my favorites -- makes me think of the memory book your grandmother made that you shared with us.

Sheryl Remy

Your birdfeeder is great. So creative. Your birds have the best diner in town.

Sheryl Remy


This is a wonderful collection - I love enamel and use every piece I have. When we have picnic, everyone is surprised at how many plates I have and they all have a good time picking out their favorite one to eat on.

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