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July 31, 2012



i LOVE that queen portrait! especially since it is BIG! I bet it looks awesome on the wall.

chris mckinley

Magpie Ethel...Queen of Estate Sales and Collections!! Might be a cool business card! Love this collection, so fun!



Brings a smile to my face too.What girl wouldn't like a tiara or crown? I could see you wearing a tiara on that gorgeous head of curls!
Love that big pic of the Queen from the High School. Glad you found a spot for it.I remember seeing it before you hung it up.It was huge!
The glittered bird looks cute sitting in front of the other pic too.
Thanks for sharing!


I would never have pegged you as a crown and tiara type ... except for maybe those foil New Year's Eve crowns. Your collection is much better than that hardware they hand out on Toddlers and Tiaras. (Yes, I see it from time to time. When you want mindless entertainment, it's hard to get much more mindless!)


Lovely.... I love love love old stories and photographs.

Thanks for sharing

Ciao Bella
Sensible Sarah


Your vintage swan is so lovely! Such fun Photos. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for making me smile this morning.


Love crowns. This little "Q" girl is so cute and looks so "vintage"!


NOW I know what to do with that little box of gold crowns I have in my stash!


Well you really do like crowns and so do I ! The photo and the pink bird look fantastic together love them!

Kim Kenward

What a special treat that you have your Mom's tiara.

PS. Love the reference to toddlers and tiaras. Emma had that show on the tv one day and I couldn't get the channel changed fast enough.


Laurie, Whenever I come here on a mission to tell you something, I ALWAYS become sidetracked by your Collection Challenges. THIS is now my absolute favorite collection!

Laurie, I wanted to thank you for the way you conduct your Etsy business and the way your blog allows us to know you and your art. It is because of you that I have gathered together my courage to attempt a shop of my own. (Shhh, my husband has finally let me quit my day job!) I have something to prove to him.

Holiday elves and sparkle! I can't wait! You know me, I'll be in line three hours early!


Great collection Laurie! Love those black and white pics, love them even more with a big ol' tiara on their head!


I can just see it now! A 6' long table covered with craft goodies, and a 60" TV covered with sports! We'll see if we can give you high scores and a gold medal when you come back and show us!

Meri Wiley

Egads, I hate that show, too! It's so gross what those mothers do to their girls....no wonder there's so much low self esteem, and sometimes too much ego these days.

Love your piccy's of beauty queens!


Vintage by Crystal

Your mama's crown is so sweet and I love that rhinestone one...I would have died to own something like that when I was 6 years old! (and now, hehe) :)

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