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July 29, 2012



See, I came right over as soon as I heard. I think you had a spectacular Sunday, and those bottle brush trees in their boxes? Now it's my turn to be jealous! I can't believe how much stuff in boxes you got! Happy day, indeed!

Lisa W.

In a word ... WOW ! Fantastic Christmas finds ! So many in original boxes too. You and Barbara both have had such good luck in the Christmas dept. just lately ! It really is such fun to see..... thanks for sharing !


Simply Speechless! :-0
My head was still spinning on your last post of stuff when I was trying to get my eyes to focus and now they're even more blurry! LOL
What a great weekend of sales for you.
Sheesh...those boxes of things must have been sitting around with your name on them!
Sigh....guess I better push my mouth back together :-)


well.......in the spirit of the Olympics.....I'd say you won GOLD-SILVER & BRONZE!! WOWZA!!


what the heck! i can't believe that stuff was left over! no sales here are held on sunday, EVER. but maybe that's because i'm in the bible belt?
i've been trying to get my hands on some indent ornaments, but even if i go to sales the first day, they've already been snagged. today was your lucky day for sure!

Musings from Kim K.

Seriously!!! How on earth do you find so many fabulous estate sales??? Those bottle brush trees in their original boxes...that's simply unheard of. I'm completely jealous of you fabulous haul.

Gina @ vintagejunkinmytrunk

You girls are killing me here. And this stuff was still left on Sunday? I may be moving soon.


Good grief, I can't even believe you found all of that on a SUNDAY!! Which sale was it? I must have gone out with the wrong attitude yesterday becaue I didn't find hardly anything PLUS I didn't get my house work done. Double whammy.
Love that pink satin lingerie box! 8+)


I think you found your "Happy place".

Wow, wow and just oh, wow!


Are you kidding? All that was left on a Sunday? I still have my pink plastic snowflake from childhood.
All those original boxes are really great. Maybe I will rethink Sundays for estate sales.

kim g.

Can't believe this stuff was still there! Love the trees and candy canes and shiny brites! Happy day!


Unbelievable! Why didn't I go to estate sales when I lived in Oregon!?

Sheryl Remy

You finds are just super. Not only did you find vintage Christmas but in the original boxes too. I am always amazed by the variety of items that were produced. In my Wisconsin location many of the estate sales are Wednesday and Thursday and end @ 4:00 so I'm still at work. I think I have magpie envy but I'm still happy for you. Sheryl Remy

shirley hatfield

It's almost as if you went back in time (my fantasy) and found all that stuff in the back room of Woolworths or a Five and Dime. I will be crying with greed all this day and probably into tomorrow. =D


Oh my goodness............I have never seen anything like this. It has to be something like walking into a Woolworths. You really did hit the best jackpot ever. It is bottle brush heaven. Please tell me you are keeping every single one of these. Yes, I should be packing but I could not resist. Smiles...Renee


Oh, oh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!


wow, wow, wow,
how fun!!!


I got giddy for you just reading this! One day someone will buy my old Christmas stuff and say the same things. I keep all the original boxes when I can. Of course my stuff won't be as cute as this. or maybe, by then, it will be. :)


I am lovin' those white Christmas trees!! Love all the original boxes!! Such great finds!! I would love to come to your house when you decorate for Christmas!! xo Heather

Melissa's Antiques

You and Barbara's Christmas hauls this weekend makes me weep. And I thought mine was pretty good...

Into Vintage

I am trying so hard not to have vintage Christmas envy but sheesh -- this post is pushing me right to the edge!! You must have been going berserk as you came across all of this, on a SUNDAY no less. Well done, Ethel.


All I can say is UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!


Wow, wow, wow....abosultely amazing finds. You just seem to have about the best luck of anyone I know when it comes to vintage x-mas.


I just love those bottle brush candy canes! I have NEVER seen them before! How fun!

philippine real estate

I just logged on to check out your Christmas decorations, expecting beauty and ideas and I don't disappoint. Those are lovely Christmas decor! Can't wait to see them decorated in your place. December is coming! :)



Amazing finds! How do you find these sales?

Laurel in MN :)

laurie, magpie ethel

most of the time I find my sales on a local estate sale website or on Craiglist. I also check the local paper. This was a total lucky find.

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