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July 07, 2012


Kim Kenward

Those fish graphics are just delightful. Reminds me of the fish from the Don Knotts animated film "The Incredible Mr. Limpet". You always seem to find the best holiday decorations. Good for you. I just love happy endings.


Wow....Christmas in July for you! Just love the Santa and Reindeer. Nice graphics on the fish board,of course you'd find more Easter grass along with the tiny bunny!Thanks for making my morning.Can never find that kind of stuff down this way so I have as much fun seeing your bounty!


More Saalfield books...Really great Santa Sleigh...do I see glitter in the future? It is funny every time you find all these goodies I try to figure out which ones you keep, which ones you sell at your booth and which ones you put on Etsy! So glad you faired so well with Christmas...smiles...Renee

chris mckinley

Love the fish!! And the cloth books!! Can't wait to see what you create with your goodies!! Are the sales you go to all in the Portland area?



That gingerbread house is great, I have never seen one and it's just too cute! I'm so glad you rescued those jewelry boxes so I didn't have to - hehe!


Love the Santa! You have a way of finding some great xmas items! I sometimes go weeks without finding 1 xmas goodie! :-) Great stuff!


that santa and reindeer is so cool! i can't wait to see all your christmas decorations up! i'm going to have to start early this year because i have so many new things!
last summer i found a lot of crochet hangers but i haven't found even one this year! i love them, i want to have just those in my closet.


More.pink.ornaments. Seriously? You have the pink touch this year!!!!!!! I bought something yesterday that just screams Magpie Ethel - it will be on my blog Monday. Maybe you can tell me what it is called. :)

Kerstie Pederson

You find the BEST stuff... you lucky Magpie!!!
Can't wait to the the magic act you perform on the Santa with sleigh. That fish bucket, love the colors... it would be a nice addition to that dream beach house of yours.


You were definitely on Santa's good list this week! Such great Christmas goodies! Love all the pink ornaments!! The Santa sleigh does need your special touch!! ;)Have a lovely day! xo Heather


Well......after viewing your latest haul~I'd say you are having a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Terrific!


Wow! Great job. I would have wrestled you for that Santa and reindeer. I'm sure you'll spiff 'em up real cute so it's probably good they're in your capable hands.

Had to laugh at that saying on your towel... does anyone say "louse it up" anymore? I don't even want to think about the origin of that saying! yucky


You need to think of a really great project for all the pink ornaments you have found lately! Those towels made me laugh and the Christmas stuff made me swoon :)

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