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July 14, 2012


my shabby roses

Love the old sign Laurie! It's always good to see you.
Have a great Sunday!


EEE! Love those cardboard houses!


Love the Christmas village!! So sweet! The table and sign are so neat!! Great finds!! Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!! xo Heather

Musings from Kim K.

I'm sneaking in a few of my favorite blogs while on the road. So glad you found another game table and can't wait to see the makeover with those sweet little cardboard houses. Darling glass canisters.


Laurie, you do find the most interesting things! Those little houses are so cute, I bet you can do some of your "Ethel Magic" involving them!

shirley hatfield

I had a lot of fun last Christmas doing makeovers on shabby village houses. Yours appear to be in excellent shape...so jealous! When I do find houses, they start about $8 to $10 for good condition...so I buy the orphans. =D


I'd be letting out a "Big Swoon" if I found any of those things down here!Love the sign and table. Those fit right in with you. The jars are cute too esp the one with the pink elephants.I'm partial to the cardboard houses though :-)
Glad you had a nice haul and weekend!


I love your tin game tables...Those are made for you. That pink elephant container is super. Love my darling banner and the birthday girl...Thank you so for such a great Sunday show and gifts in the mail...smiles...Renee


I think this is my first Putz house sighting this season! That's a pretty big collection!

chris mckinley

Looks like a pretty good haul to me!! I don't think I've ever seen a game table like that.


Lisa W.

I think that you did REALLY well ! Good for you !!


You really always find the BEST things .....I love love all your Christmas! Ok...tomorrow I hit the charity shops...you always inspire me my friend. xoxox


I tell ya, Laurie! You find more good stuff on a mediocre day than I do on a good one! Amazing; let's see if we can find Valley Junction!

Sheryl Remy

You did well. I went to a church sale on Friday. I took off work and spent the day with my mother. The church was our first stop. I found 2 Gurley Halloween candles, some glass bead garland and a lighthouse shaped bird house. I had a great day.

Sheryl Remy


I am swooning over your little xmas houses....I would die to find a set that big and in that kind of shape. When I find them it is usually in ones or twos and it always looks like a resident rat made a nest out of them or they smell sooooo ancient no amount of fabreeze will ever save them lol. I did have my first jump up and down victory last week and got my first McCoy swan vase in aqua green. I have been absolutely giddy since!

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