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July 01, 2012


Kim Kenward

The scallop edging totally adds charm. Good for you.


It is completely unfair to have all this cuteness for free next door! How flipping cute. Can you imagine telling a contractor that you want scallops on the garage trim? Perfect addition. Smiles...Renee


What a PERFECT rescue. It looks like it was absolutely meant to be there. I don't think I need to tell you to keep your Magpie eye peeled to see what else might turn up over there!


So really, it was a humanitarian, eco-friendly recycling effort made in the name of saving the wood from the landfill. Hooray for Magpie Ethel!



Darling! And Tammy said it all!! :)

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Did you do this under cover of darkness, all dressed in black?! So glad you rescued that trim, because cute stuff should never end up in a dumpster!

Linda @ A La Carte

I love the green scallop and how it looks in your raised flower bed! hugs, Linda


Finding a treasure must be your payback for having to look at a PortaPotty all day! Love the scallop. After we sold the MIL's house, they demo'ed it and I went through the dumpster and picked out some old painted boards and molding. I left behind an old built in cabinet in a chippy old green color and I am still kicking myself for it! Good save on your part.


Perfect! A sweet look with some sweet memories- and a chuckle or two!


What a great idea to use that scallop I love what you did with it.

Into Vintage

You don't miss a thing! And I imagine your dahlias are enjoying their home improvement as well. :-)

chris mckinley

It looks terrific!!


Sheryl Remy

You the "the eye" and the imagination to see what could be. Good recycling equals charming raised beds.
Sheryl Remy


Lucky you!
To have the dumpster right next door to you even....How convenient.
Everything you touch has that special Magpie Ethel magic.
Glad you're recycling everything too . I'm happy you're there to rescue everything from being hauled off to the landfill!
Thanks for sharing :-)


It's perfect! It pays to have a good eye.


Just perfect!!!

Lisa W.

I really like the thought of you, crowbar in hand grabbing that good bit of trim ! It looks great by the way !


The green scalloped wood is beautiful! Great job in rescuing it! Love the way you added it to your garden! xo Heather

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