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August 09, 2012



Awwww...Sending wishes of HAPPY your way. A bouquet of flowers always seem to do the trick or at least help :-) Beautiful Dahlias!


I have never seen flowers for sale like that around here. We do have honor system stands with produce; tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, etc.
I hope your week is getting better. The flowers are beautiful!


beautiful! i wish there was one near me! at the last house we used there were tons of dahlias. they are the BEST cut flowers because cutting them is good for them! two pop up after you cut one!

kim g.

Hey you. Hoping your week gets better. Sending happy thoughts.


You are such a happy spirit - I can't stand the thought of you needing happiness!!!!! Hope things are looking up soon. I'm guessing it has to do with an empty nest?? ((hugs!))

PS - Love the pretty flowers. I planted a ton of them, but they all died. Something about a drought and all....

chris mckinley

The Dahlias are lovely!!! I'm glad you found something to brighten up your day....and maybe a few estate sales tomorrow might help too!



That would perk me up in better than roses, they will probably last longer too! Thanks for a fun post!


Sweet! As someone ;) says..."Happy day!" Really.


Oh, I'm sorry you are having a hard time with preparing your girl to spread her wings. Remember, she is only an email or text away! I have not sent a girl out into the big world but I can imagine it is harder than the boys are.
Glad you found the flowers to give you a smile!

Kim Kenward

Your flowers are definitely smile-worthy. Sending you a few hugs too. It's been one of those weeks at our house too.


I look forward to these every year. They are beautiful. Something of a throw back flower and in the perfect vase. Nice to see them smile back...smiles to you from cooled off Kansas...Renee


Beautiful flowers!! Love the honor system!! ;) xo Heather

Into Vintage

Sounds like you need a junkin' roadtrip, prontito! Luckily you have dahlias to see you through this week. xo Thinking of you.


Those dahlias are so pretty and cheerful! Hope they do the trick :).

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