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August 31, 2012



Wow....how fun is that box of samples! It's that instinct in you to pick up that box.I can imagine you did a happy dance when you got a chance to go through it.Love the holiday themed one too.
Have a great day and thanks for sharing!


Ooooooooo!!!!! This is SO me! I would be all over this. How fun. I have been thinking about you since Kate left. I hope she is doing well and you are adjusting. It is really a difficult change having our babies leave.
Thanks for sharing this great collection!

shirley hatfield

Those pieces are amazing! They could be scanned and used in cards and backgrounds of paper crafts...over and over again! You are one lucky little thrifter! =D


Those are so incredible!!! I wonder where they got them and if they used any of them. And they are so YOU!! I know you will put them to good use. Have a great weekend!!


Thanks for posting these! So cool to see-- love the graphics!! You sure never know what is waiting at an estate sale! Just curious-- do you have any crafty ideas for these or do you just plan on keeping them as a collection?


These are fantastic. What a great graphic look back in the past. Just a plethora of fun. Smiles...Renee


These are really fun! I like the 'months' ones.

Kim Kenward

Oh my goodness. The graphics are absolutely amazing. Imagine the crafting possibilities!! I'm so glad you rescued this treasure.


If you want to visit Minnesota I'll show you an "Arctic Derby" it's the race we run between the store and our car in about the middle of January when the temp is at -10 degrees!


OOO, love that! Have you thought about what to do with it? I especially like the girl bowling and the teacher ringing her bell. Awesome graphics! I liked the idea about scanning them to use over and over! You could sell those as a download on your etsy!

Into Vintage

What a goldmine of vintage graphics! It's always fun to come across something unusual & unique like that. Good thing you were at that sale T.N.T. ;-)


Wow, what a great find!


What a treasure! I didn't even know something like this existed. Was there a date anywhere on the box? I'm guessing late 40s or 50s.


These are so neat!! Great find!! What will you do with them? xo Heather


Love Tammy's idea of scanning and selling downloads on Etsy ;) Amazing images!

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