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August 19, 2012



This sounds like it would have been interesting. Glad to know your little dolls have some value (beyond all of us thinking they are adorable). And good news on that ledger, right?

Kim Kenward

Thanks for taking us along. Sounds like an amazing experience.


Well I can tell you right now that those little spuns are worth a lot more than that and try putting that doll on eBay and it will go way more than $15...Glad you had a good time. The ledger is amazing...smiles..Renee


Thanks for posting! Really interesting!


Such an interesting experience. Glad your spun heads have value beyond cuteness. The prescription book is amazing. I would think something unusual like that would have gotten you on the show! Dang it!!


Thank you for sharing your day with us. I, for one, think Auntie's urn is marvelous! I just finished watching Antiques Roadshow and was sitting there picturing you and your Mom in the feedback booth - dangit!


I've always wondered how the Roadshow works. Thanks for taking us along. I've always wondered what I would take. That little baby doll is wonderful. I'd love to happen upon one of those for $15.00. I think it is worth more too.

chris mckinely

Sounds very much like my experience. A local appraiser told me before I went that they love items from the area that they are visiting. A person in line with me brought vintage concert posters from the 60's..all concerts that were held in San Francisco...made it on TV and the posters were worth $500-$1000 each!! I should have taken my husbands collection of Grateful Dead tickets etc. :)
I took an antique quilt from the 1800's and they were not impressed!! Slighted is a good word! So glad you had fun, it is really interesting to see how it all works.


Thanks for posting about Antique Roadshow since I didn't make it :( It was in KC a few years ago and my good friend went. She was not impressed. They broke a door on her antique cabinet AND told her it was a reproduction. On a related note, I just read a great book called Killer Stuff and Tons of Money. It is all about the reselling biz and there is a chapter devoted to Antiques Roadshow and how it works. Very interesting.


So glad you had a fun time! Such a neat experience! xo Heather

Sheryl Remy

It is so wonderful you can do things with your mom. Especially considering all the standing you two did. I know my mom would not have been able to do this. It's a great memory to add to your quilt of life. I do think your items were underpriced. It is much more of an ebay esty world nowadays then a Christies auction house. But the experience was priceless. Sheryl


Glad to hear about the ledger book but was disappointed that some of your other items may not have gotten adequate scrutiny. Still sounds like a great experience!

Was interested to hear that the toy line was short; didn't get tickets to a local taping a few years back but would have taken a vintage toy had I been able to go. I can send you a photo of it if you'd like to see it.

Into Vintage

This sounds like it would be such a fun experience whether you have a million dollar treasure or not. SO happy you took some spun heads -- I can't imagine they see many of those!


Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us! My husband and I always watch this show and marvel at the value of some things. Darn if you don't have a gun or a guitar you take your chances. I'm glad your little characters are worth so much! Elizabeth

Lisa W.

I would have put you on camera for those spun heads - and I think they are worth more than the expert thinks. Glad you had a good time ! It was interesting to hear about what it was like to be there.... I did always wonder how they did it.


How exciting!! I'm so glad you got to go - it's probably the dream of every collector.

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