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August 07, 2012



Just love looking at your blog in the mornings.I look at everything in a different way now because of you :-) Such great graphics on vintage boxes.
Thanks for sharing!

chris mckinley

What a fun collection!! Dustless?? I could use a little of that in my house!



such a cute collection! i love the space for the address, like you better mail that chalk to me if you find it! i think my favorite box is the rocket chalk! and i love how you have it displayed!


Do you have an eraser collection? (The old felt kind - not the rubbery kind!) I have very fond memories of the chalk holder that the teacher would use to make straight lines on the blackboard for penmanship lessons. I also remember my 4th grade teacher using the same to make horizontal and vertical lines for a times table - I thought it was heavenly. I was a strange kid.


They look wonderful displayed all together! Love the rocket ship.

I think you could dispplay a collection of orange peels and eggs shells and make it look wonderful.

Sheryl Remy

My children have never used chalk for anything other than drawing on the sidewalk. They grew up with dry erase books and markers. I also remember the teacher using a holder to draw lines across the broad to demonstrate how to form letters and then we practiced our penmanahip in writing tablets. Just think I'm vintage too.

Sheryl Remy

I meant to use the word "board" not broad or books. Time to go back to school and brush up on my spelling.


A new sleek piece of chalk always made me want to be a teacher. I have a few boxes I keep in my glass candy jars. What a great display. Smiles...Renee


A fun collection. I am STILL facinated with colored chalk. Must be that was the "good" stuff when I was a little girl!


The rocket one is so cute. I must say, I really like the one you got from me, too :>)


A chalk box collection! Who would've thought?! I would love to come and have a look around your place!


Chalk it up to you to have the finest chalk collection out there. I love the way you show how you display your collections. I am still waiting for a book of all your organizational tips, holiday decorating, all your collections and more. I better be first in line to get one.
Real life starts tomorrow as I am back to school. It was fun while it lasted...


Another love we share, chalk boxes! I have several of the same ones you do including the great one of the girl with the bow (my favorite). I also have several of the really old wooden and tin boxes (much larger) that held chalk. Do you collect those also?

Erica, GoldenEggVintage

Chalk? Oh my gosh! The boxes are so cute, the display is darling. I never would have thought of this one! I don't think I've ever seen any in all of my hunting. It must have been there, and I just wasn't aware. OK, going to look from now on!
Very cute Laurie!


These are all so neat and unique! I haven't seen very many so thanks for sharing such a treat!! xo Heather

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