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August 14, 2012


Kim Kenward

How sweet is your Mica bird tree! You do have quite the collection.


LOVE them all together on the tree. I think I only have about 10 of them? I found a BUNCH at the flea a few weeks ago, marked $15 EACH. Bah. Hard to find them around here.


Like Sarah these babies go for a pretty penny around here. I have a lone pink one that is rough around the edges. Your flock looks very happy together. Clearly they have flown your way for the winter and summer. Smiles..Renee


This is such a happy collection. I love birdies. My favortie would be the pinecone bird with the red hat. They all look good on the tree. Peep, peep


I have two. Gee, I wonder why I never find them... maybe because I live in the same town as Magpie Ethel???
They look marvelous all together on your tree. More is definitely better than less.

Sheryl Remy

Your post is so appropriate for me. I found my first bird on Saturday in Silver. I'll keep my eyes open for more for my flock. Laurie thank you for introducing me to Creative Breathing from you fun blogs list. She is special too.


These are just too cute - I think I would have to keep them out year around! I already put some tiny black top hats in the the Ethel box and now I know where those two packs of googlie eyes I found are headed.


You are waaaay too organized. Separating them by color and type to take pics of for your blog? Love them on your tinsel tree! I have a few I keep out year round. Too cute to put away.Of course I don't have 77 of them LOL.
Thanks for sharing!

chris mckinley

Oh my goodness!! What a great collection! And 77???? WOW!



So beautiful and I love how you have them displayed on that sweet tree!! So neat!! xo Heather


Hi Laurie, These little birds are the inspiration behind my crepe ones. They are all so wonderful together on your tree! Thanks for sharing your collections with us! Elizabeth

Erica / Golden Egg Vintage

I adore these birdies too! I found a large lot of them on Ebay a few years back...pink, blue, and white ones. I've also got a few of the candy container guys and a wedding couple! HEY...I think I have a collection! LOL
Laurie your posts are so great!
Erica :)

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