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August 28, 2012


Sheryl Remy

I have never seen a paper lei before. I am only familiar with the plastic and fresh flower leis. It would makea great New Year's Eve display with party hats and noise makers. I have read all your postings. I look forward to every new post.


Well, I found a mannequin this weekend that would be a great display piece for your leis but... I'm not sharing. I will, however, be on the lookout for a giraffe for you.
I, too, would like to know some of the stories behind all these leis. Didn't Hawaii become a state in 1950? Probably a lot of themed parties celebrating the occasion.


Now this is something I have never seen at a sale. In all my years I have yet to come across them. And to see you with so many. What luck. Great idea to put them on a neck or bust. The charm is in the colors...smiles...Renee

Jan Brown

How about putting your paper leis on your stork?
I really enjoy your blog and your vintage finds!



I've never seen or come across paper leis before. These are much more prettier than the plastic ones that I always see.They would look great hanging on a bust or giraffe :-)I'm sure you'll come up with something great!Had to click over to your other challenge with these leis.I bet you could throw one heck of a party with those vintage goodies!Your studio looks like one big party....I have visions of you sitting around with a party hat and lei when you're out there creating LOL. Thanks for sharing!


I saw a mounted moose head at the Bouckville antique show that would be perfect ... leis around the neck, and ornaments dangling from the antlers! It would take up quite a bit of studio space, but well worth it, I think! You want me to pick it up for you next year?


Hmm... I like the giraffe idea and also Barbara's moose. I will be keeping my eye out for either. 8+) In the meantime, how about a vintage kitchen towel rack, the kind that mounts on the wall and has several arms that can be fanned out.


Oh, how fun!! Love all your different colors!! A giraffe head would be fun! xo Heather

Lisa W.

I love this collection ! I also love the idea of displaying them on a bust . Very festive ! You could have such fun picking out different color combinations for all of the holidays and special occasions.

chris mckinely

Another fun collection of Miss Laurie's!! Thanks for sharing!!



YOu always have something interesting to show us here. I have never seen a paper Leis before.. didnt even know they existed! You have soooo much stuff!! do you display all of your collections? well, now I certainly will notice a paper leis, if i ever see one in person!
happy wednesday


Also didn't know these existed. Ever notice how many of us have never found or seen some of the stuff you collect? I think that is because you have this great eye to find the coolest stuff out of the ordinary crap most people overlook. Then the rest of us see it on your blog all looking cool and whatnot and then we gotta have it! Thanks for making us notice :)

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