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August 03, 2012



You must have found enough ornaments to decorate the White House Christmas tree this year. And SO MANY PINK!!!!!! Lucky, Lucky YOU!


Ho, ho, ho! I swear I am moving to OR. ;D


I will admit it, I am so very jealous of all your great finds. Is Oregon a hotbed of vintage Christmas ornaments? I swear I am thinking of making a trip down next summer!


144 days until Christmas!! You hit the jackpot! Happy Days ahead in Magpie Ethel's workshop!!


Wow whata haul!!Love the ornamanets!!!

sandie morgan

wow, we just don't have all that stuff in southern CA. and i absolutely look everywhere i go! you get so much fun stuff!


I can hardly wait to see what you do with all those ornaments! I'm hoping to get out to a couple of sales tomorrow. Fingers crossed!


Laurie, just doing a check on the pet sitter and wow. I am just so glad these are going to the right person. Yes, my dear there is a Santa Claus and you continue to find him, glitter him and save him from sure trash bin disaster. He even rewarded you with trophy ornaments! Smiles...Renee

chris mckinley

I see Santa checking your name off his list!! Treasures in the stocking for Laurie!!


shirley hatfield

I am...of course...very very jealous! But I am so glad that someone I like is getting those pretties. I'd hate it if a mean, awful person got to have all the vintage. I know that they've gone to the best home and will be loved and appreciated. =D

Meri Wiley

My drool bib is soaked! I don't know how you find the room to store the goodies you get. I'm sure you're in trouble with storage, so please feel free to ship some over to me to hold on to for you.......wink, wink!



OK, here is what I have figured out. You must have all the estate sale people on retainer and they set aside all the good Santa finds, and call you up and they are waiting there for you! I know that isn't how it is but you continue to score so BIG!! Love all the deer you found.

Debra Ganas

WOW! Laurie, all I can say is WOW!


Gina @ vintagejunkinmytrunk

Now you're just being mean! ;)

Maria (Magia Mia)

Laurie, words escape me. How does one explain your unceasing windfall of Christmas booty? I could devote an entire post about you and the possible explanations. Namely, a candle-lighting ceremony while repeating a manifestation chant.....Or something simple, like selling your soul to a diabolical knee-hugging elf. He'll supply you with Santas and pipe cleaners, but you have to bring home EVERY other item ever manufactured for Christmas. See, that's a post right there........Okay, so I guess words don't escape me...

P.S. Yay to the vintage pipe cleaners!


That's a lotta lotta lotta ornaments! (And we have the same aqua mc coy flowerpot now ... they must go in houses with vintage ornaments!) Thought of you at a sale I went to today ... lots of stuff you would like!


Oh my word! I can't believe all the wonderful ornaments you're scoring! Thanks for giving me a wish!


I knew you were on Santa's Good List!However else does all this Christmas booty gravitate towards you? My jaw is still sore from dropping last week at the bounty you got.I see a few of my knee hugger elves found their way to you too LOL!
Glad you did good as always.


You have been such a good girl this year!! ;) Amazing finds and love the sweet deer and elves!! xo Heather

one gal's trash

Christmas in August for the little magpie!


I gave up on estate and garage sales because I never find anything this good. The ones around my area are usually overpriced junk. Sigh.

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