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August 11, 2012



Ahhhh I NEED that box of stationary! I found a huge salesman sample napkin/placemat kit awhile ago that had tons of diner style paper placemats all with similiar graphics as well as games you would play or scenes you could color while waiting for your meal.

I am jealous of that find!


Another day full of happy, happy finds. Love all those Stationery samples - they are fabulous. I have a salesman sample suitcase full of jar openers, pens, key chains, rulers, calendars, pencils and lots of other kitschy junky things. I love rifling through it to see what I haven't seen before.

Hope this gave you back some happy!


Beyond a good day!! Jewelry boxes and those labels and the crepe paper clothes, oh my gosh! Bravo to you for getting out early because it paid off again!

Lisa W.

Happy dance indeed ! What a ton of great stuff ...... oh, but the mercury glass floral sprays ! They are WONDERFUL. I have never seen them before .........good for you Laurie !


I am continually amazed at your finds; nothing like that at the sales I attend. Those "blanks" are a paper artist's dream come true! What would a scrapbook company give for those?? Thanks for posting! Always interesting!

Kim Kenward

Amazing treasures...once AGAIN! I've never seen mercury glass floral sprays. Wow. Simply gorgeous. That Dennison Gala book is just amazing and how sweet is the dolli clothes line and tiny clothes pins in their original packaging. Well done.

chris mckinley

I am telling you....Queen of the Estate Sales you are!! Amazing!!!



It was a good day! Love those mercury glass sprays. Quiet weekend here since everyone is setting up for a big week-long show nearby ... looking forward to it and maybe connecting with some blog friends. I'll live vicariously through your finds!


Another awesome day! I would have to say that my favorite thing that you found were the mailing blanks. Those graphics! A few weeks ago, I bought a large box full of vintage Christmas from a sale and it had a ton of those reflectors in it (still in the original packaging). Can you tell me what those were originally used for?



Best squeaky toy finds ever. Love your bunny and must say those mercury glass picks are beautiful. The dennison book amazing....I love the birthday seals. What a wonderful day even if it was more than a quarter...smiles..Renee

shirley hatfield

You definitely had a better day on Saturday...lucky you! I really enjoy seeing what other people find...at least I can vicariously live through the happiness of others! =D


Those mailing blanks are amazing!! I went to two estate sales in Portland yesterday and obviously chose the wrong two. I found almost nothing. You have the magic!

Meri Wiley

Okay woman, this is just unreal, and totally unfair!!!!!

Are you going to put any of this in your shop, so that I might have a chance (depending on cost) of getting some crafting supplies?

I swear I'm gonna' come stay with you so you can take me around with you.



Wow! Amazing finds....I was thinking I did well this weekend. I hit a sale and came home with a trunk full and thought "Oh boy I have a Laurie worthy haul here" only when I log on to see what your finds were you absolutely put me to shame :) That stationary is just unreal and the floral sprays, I have never seen those before. As always so jealous!


Oh, happy dance for sure!! Such great finds! I was not that lucky, but did find some neat treasures!! Have a great Monday! xo Heather

Sheryl Remy

It's an education in American history just to see the great things you find and most often things I have never seen before. I guess I just live in an area that too new. Midcentury modern is about as old as it gets and apparently no one ever saved anything. I would love to be your shadow for a few days just to experience a sale or two. Great buys Laurie. Sheryl


That set of mailing labels must be scanned and shared! Holy moly you scored again!

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