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August 22, 2012


Into Vintage

Ha! At least your flowers didn't wilt -- they were the perfect touch and seemed to thrive in the heat, unlike the rest of us. :-)


those look so cute! i would LOVE to see something like that at an event!
we are finally out of the over 100 days here and i couldn't be happier!i think we got up to 108 early in the summer. INSANITY!

shirley hatfield

102 in the Pacific Northwest? I am surprised you survived at all. The humidity must have been a killer. At least in Utah it's mostly "dry heat." I want a rainy day...there hasn't been a lovely soft rain forever! =D


I hope you're molding back into shape ... I would miss that smile!


Those 100 flowers you made (don't know how) looked beautiful in the trees Laurie! Glad you didn't melt too much that day.Looks like I missed another good show. Wished we lived just a little closer!
Thanks for sharing and hopefully it's cooled down up there. We're going to be 90 all week here


It was a great show and a heroic effort by all of you to pull it off in that heat!! Those flowers were great and I was thinking next time you should attach some hang tags to them in case someone wanted to order for a party or wedding. They were perfect!

Lisa W.

Neither do I ! I hate hot ! But your great big flowers looked GREAT.... and what a pretty spot to have a show in.

chris mckinley

Cute picture and a cute caption!!


Kim Kenward

Your tissue flowers were just gorgeous. I can't imagine holding up in that kind of heat. That is sheer dedication. I'm glad you came home with a fun sign.


That last picture says it all. And your flowers were a great addition to the venue!


The flowers were wonderful. I don't know how you fit all of them in your car. It would have been a perfect show if it hadn't been so blankety hot!

Sheryl Remy

Great sign, who wouldn't want some ice cream with all the high temperatures throughout the states. I live in Wisconsin where it's been hot this summer but not that hot. You deserve more than just a dish of ice cream make it a rootbeer float.



Laurie, I was absolutely fascinated by your Post Mark (collection)! It absolutely speaks to who you have become.
Your flowers made this show something special, WOW! Very cool ice cream sign.
Have you heard of the Linea Calendar? Be sure and look up the company. They have travel posters right up your collection alley.
Have a great weekend! Elizabeth


Love those flowers up in the trees! So neat! Great photo!! Made me laugh! ;) xo Heather

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