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September 26, 2012



Love the colorful forest. Have fun in the studio!


I'm going to go ahead and rent that 6th semi~WOWZA!! When I showed the husband your extra stash of Christmas (just to justify my little hoard), he said that between us, we could stretch it out to cover Ohio to Oregon! Silly man!! it will never be enough! no?
Beautiful color on those trees!!!

Mary Ann

I did the same thing to my son's room when he went off to college - filled it up with stuff. But then he came home for break. Uh-oh. And then after 5 years of school, he's back. So I'm being more careful with my second son's room while he's at school. But oh, how I'd love to have that space...


I moved in and back out of rooms a few times.
I love that little forest in your living roon. Did you paint them or dye them or what?

Meri Wiley

Wholly crap, there's someone else whose room looks as crammed as mine! I just wish I had as much of the goodies as you do. I love those cloth books I just bought, and can't believe you let them go.


Into Vintage

These are my favorite kinds of posts because I can show them to Mr IV as proof positive I am not the only who does/lives like this. That bedroom pic made me laugh out loud!

Kim Kenward

How fabulous are your colorful trees!! I have a six year old who would gladly help rearrange your colorful forest!!


I do the same thing! In a perfect world, most of the inventory is gone by Thanksgiving break. At least we can usually find the bed by that point.

Erica / Golden Egg Vintage

I'd like a tree in each color, and will you please add that mint colored poster bed to my order?? Haaa! :)

shirley hatfield

Received the cute little Bingo Witch today...I am so happy to help you with your inventory! lol! She is so unique...like you! =D


Sure wish I was an elf sitting in your studio now! Just noticed the green furniture in Kate's room. Love that color. I don't feel bad now using up my kids's closet while he's away. I sort of have some things strewn about in his room too :-)
Have fun in your studio!


Ha boy can I relate. My sons room was overrun with my online selling items. Had to clean it all out before he came home for the summer. Now it is in a large walk in closet but it is starting to spill over. That forest of trees is divine! are they new trees that you painted or vintage ones?

chris mckinely

I miss my girls so much!! But, I am happy with my extra space!! Love your forest!!



Oh my, I adore those bottlebrush trees!!! xo Heather

Mitzi Curi

I love the picture of the rainbow forest! It's magical!


wow.. I guess you have been busy! and I cant wait to see what you do with all these trees!
happy Thursday!

Sheryl Remy

What eye candy you have going in that room. I would want to keep them all. I looks like you are getting a lot done for your holiday shows. Just remember to take a "me" break now and them. You can work all the time.


Three months until Chistmas!! Even less until those holiday shows start!

I love/want all those wonderful houses!! No wait all those trees. Okay all of it!!


*Christmas* I got too excited looking at your pictures!!


Great bottle brush trees, did you make them or just paint new ones? Will you have them for sale in your ETSY store? I would be interested in making a purchase.


Wow you have been busy!! Glad you have the extra room:)


Holy tree forest! There's a whole lot of Christmas going on at your house! I absolutely am in love with the apple green furniture in your now spare bedroom. LOL! My son's room has become my shipping station. Such sacrifices are essential for vintage wonderfulness! Have a lovely fall weekend! Elizabeth


Oh I love your trees and dying them all those yummy colors is so pleasant. I'm sure you'll make up lots of neat vintage creations out of them. I love too all your sweet hat boxes below.

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