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September 04, 2012


Kim Kenward

You have quite the charming collection. I bet Miss Renee would gladly take a few of them off your hands (smile). Love the flashcards with your displays. You always take the best pics.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Apart from the Mobley squeak dog I had as a child, I just never see these things around here! Another great collection, and you shared them in such a cute way, with the flash cards. Squeak, squeak!

Into Vintage

One of your most charming collections and definitely some very fun photos. A happy little start to my morning seeing this. Thanks. Ethel! :-)


such a cute collection. i have a sweet little squeaky cat in a sweet dress and bonnet. i have that same little kewpie too! i don't usually like stuff that looks like babies, but that little thing is so expressive and cute!


That little Kewpie-type pip squeak is the cutest thing EVER!


I've fallen in love with a stork!! OMG~adorable......now I NEED one. Thanks so much for the maker-Rempel.
ps....saw the stork bank way way back and also fell in love-guess what??? now I have 2! I am still looking for that HUGE one you have in the studio! HA

Mitzi Curi

That was a very special collection, and a great presentation, I might add! Love the flash cards!

Mitzi Curi

...and I should mention the stork was my favorite, too!

Lisa W.

Even more cute squeaks ! It has grown into an even better collection. Keep going Laurie ! I like the way you photographed them as well .... very nicely displayed.

Queen of Fifty Cents

We have that same frog with the hat. When we bought it at a yard sale years ago my husband taped up the hole on the bottom, to preserve the bathwater still inside it from some kid's bath!


Such a neat squeaky collection!! What era are these from? Love the "laughed"one!! ;) xo Heather


What a great collection! They look good altogether and all alone too. Love the pink elephant and the rooster.Of course they're all cute! I have quite a collection too.I think I'm going to gather them all up and give them places to show themselves off.You're so good at displays! I might even pull out my seasonal ones just for fun too.
Wish I had a magic studio like you to show them off at twilight LOL
Thanks for sharing :-)


I am a remple lover. Something about the face. Now if these go missing...don't come to my house...smiles...Renee


I bought five squeaky toys at a sale last week. I said they were to add to my collection and both of the other occupants of the house said, "You collect Squeaky toys?" So, I went in my office and gathered up seven that I could see. I have others in my holiday collections too.

Isn't it amazing what used to entertain a baby versus the I Pad apps they have now?????


Laurie, I tell you to entertain myself while stuck in traffic, I try to think of collection you haven't shown us yet. I can't think of a one. I hope someone does because they are so much fun! Come on 120!!! Have a great weekend. E

Erica / Golden Egg Vintage

I think the FISH is my favorite! What a group of cuties! I don't have a single squeak toy. Uh Oh!
Erica :)


That last picture of them all displayed together is the greatest! My favorites are the stork and that little girl that looks like she did something naughty. Reminds me of my daughter. HA

Sheryl Remy

Thank you Laurie for showing your squeaky toys one more time. Shara's right. It is tough to think of a collection you haven't shared. My favorites were the cartoon characters. I think I saw Little Lulu and Snuffles. That shows you where I spent my Saturday mornings.


Here I am again..the santa on the first picture I have..cant remember when I got him even. Was about 7 or 8..One of my tresures from childhood.Although mine looks a little different.Dont have eyes like yours. Well you probably figured out my age..haha..my dh and I have started Ysaling again..I think of you when we go..I say to myself go to the basement like Ethel...haha..I spent 7 mon. in Portland oregon while my dh was in veterans hospital..we are getting our lives back to normal now..sally


I know for a fact that when no one is looking...all of those guys are coming alive and getting together and having a squeaky good time!!


Where did you find a Lil Audrey?! My daugthter has been reading her comic books and loves her. We also have a VHS of old cartoons. She's a cutie.

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