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September 18, 2012


my shabby roses

They do come in some pretty colors don't they? You do have an
amazing amount of collections. They make for some great supplies though for your wonderful creations. Hope you have a great day! See you this Friday, it looks like a lot is going on, wish I could be at more then one place at a time. (o:


I don't think anyone who follows your blog would shake their head at you. We might get a good laugh.....Just kidding.You just always put a smile on my face like :-) and make me think "Now why didn't I think of that?" Such a clever person you are!
Can't believe there's so many different colored thumbtacks.Love them!
Thanks for sharing.
HAPPY DAY to you too!

chris mckinley

The colors are great! Such great collections you have my dear!!



You amaze me Laurie! Shock and awe, I have never seen so many kinds of thumb tacks! LOL!


I, too, love the way they are so perfectly aligned on their cardboard rectangles. Like little soldiers.
I am surprised you don't have more upholstery tacks... there's lots of fancy ones. Maybe those are not vintage? Or maybe another collection? I do like the fabric covered tacks you displayed. Very nice. Wouldn't those look cute as the center of a flower -- a flower tack.
Do you think people stopped using thumb tacks when post-its became available?
Thanks for "tacking" on a Happy Day!


Love the Happy Day sign from tacks. Your collection is fun. We always had these little packages around when I was a kid. And they were well made...unlike the thumbtacks of today.


Not shaking my head one bit. Now, if you had said that when you happen to find an old thumbtack you throw it away... now THAT would make me shake my head!


These do have graphic appeal! And I had forgotten how many colors they came in. My mom had, believe it or not, good ol' Harvest Gold ones!


Well, this is your tackiest collection yet. Ha! Tack-y! I kid, of course.

I want some of those tacks with numbers on them to put on window screens. I haven't found any yet, but I think I will someday. I bet you have some, don't you?


Oh do these appeal to my sense of order. I don't like the ones that come all scribble scrabble in a box nowadays.
I have to tell you I have been checking your blog like a mad woman at a Lohman's basement sale waiting for your shop news. I very nearly missed seeing the previous post.
Whew! As it is 7:58pm EST, I am SO glad I am a day early for the sale!
See you tomorrow, and all success to you! Elizabeth

Sheryl Remy

I think you are onto something here. Anything that is easy to store and takes up very little space is a plus in my house. I've been trying to look at the things I have through your eyes and I realized I have a small collection of canning/candle wax in boxes. Each old and different from the others. Do you have a collection of canning wax? Sheryl


Like Elizabeth I would prefer my tacks on a card and in those wonderful colors. I often find these in a box all jumbled and for a whole box price with all the pens and stuff from the junk drawer. Sometimes I will fish them out for ten cents. You have the best junk drawer finds. One of my favorite stops at a sale...smiles..Renee

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