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September 25, 2012


Sheryl Remy

I don't believe that I have seen clear sided hat boxes before but it makes identifying the contents so easy. I can picture a couple of hats insides covered in blossoms and netting.



That's funny that you didn't think you had a hatbox collection but lo and behold :-)I forgot about the Meier and Franks we had here. Hasn't been that long ago huh? I've never seen a clear one. That one sure is pretty. Like the box of Christmas crafting...can't wait to see what's going to become of those things. Thanks for sharing your collection!!


I buy newer hatboxes with the intention of covering them with vintage wallpaper but then seem to love them just as they are. They are so pretty stacked.
Your box covered with pink roses is so sweet. The Dobbs of N.Y. is probably my favorite.
Happy Tuesday!


Very neat collection, and practical too! I have one that was my mom's. I keep my old Barbies and clothes in it!

shirley hatfield

We had a chain of department stores called ZCMI...it had been here in Utah since the pioneers...part of our heritage. One day when I wasn't looking, they became Meier & Frank (we called it Oscar Meier Frank) A few years later...Macys. I miss ZCMI.


Clear sided ones I like that...I see these go at estate sales all the time. Opting usually for the tool boxes this made me laugh in spite of myself. I love the storage. I think I will pick some up for Claire's room...smiles..Renee

Erica / Golden Egg Vintage

That's a great collection considering that you didn't even know you had it! haha
Thanks for sharing :)


Hat boxes with clear sides, how perfect is that!!

Kim Kenward

I wish I had saved a few of my grandmother's hat boxes. I recognize a few of them for your collection. Love the clear sided ones. Brilliant!


These are fabulous!! Love the roses one!! xo Heather


I love your red ones with polka dots. I have one I found at an estate sale with pink stripes. Great closet storage and pretty too!


You and I are cut from the same cloth.....love your blog! greetings from Alaska


Hat boxes:) I have a few and just love them. Love your collection!!

Chris - A Little Creation

While playing with my pinterest boards I got an idea for your collection challenge. Has anyone asked... Let's see your collection of christmas gift tags?


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