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September 12, 2012


chris mckinely

Such a fun little collection!! I have never seen beaded skiers before! And all from different sources?? Too fun!! No rain for weeks in Portland??? Wow!!


Sheryl Remy

I have a skier also. He is metal and vintage. Dressed in late 40's early 50's sport wear style. I always put him in my Christmas village at Christmas. I'm not sure what he came from but I don't believe he was sold as an individual holiday decoration. He may have been part of a toy.


These are too funny! I've seen beaded people but not beaded skiers. It must have been a craft project that swept .... Portland. I find myself yearning for an occasional dreary day. I am not built emotionally for constant sunshine!


Is there any snow left on Mt Hood?!? Good grief, 90 in September, or 90 at anytime in Oregon is weird! We had 95 here Tuesday but today is back down to 77 or so with no humidity which is a blessed relief. This has been the second hottest summer on record here, high temps with 24 days of 90 or MORE and high dew point. I've never seen those posable types; FUN FIND!


A nice rainy day would be wonderful. So many sunny days without a break!
And I was afraid I wouldn't get my money's worth from buying prescription sunglasses.

Kim Kenward

Cooler weather is in store for MI. I'm definitely not ready for the white stuff, but I adore your glittery ski slopes.


I just commented to someone that I felt a shift today. I have been running from Fall, not wanting Summer to end. Something changed today and I'm feeling the tug of the cozy season. Maybe it is this strange kind of "hot" day we are having. Those clouds turn the light another color and there are leaves rustling across the ground. Change is in the air.


I feel for you! After our awful summer. It was 52 here this morning---- vacation, morning coffee in the swing. It was heaven.
Don't worry I saw on facebook 15 weeks until Christmas! There that should cool you down :)


How on earth do you have the most amazing glitter felt. My dear we had the most beautiful weather today...I wish you were here to share. Loving these darling skiers and sending some weather your way...smiles...Renee


Holy Mercury Bead! Your nest is empty. A bit of an adjustment is in store for you, but the visits home become extra special. Who knew they would be adults so soon? Time truly does fly. Very cute skiers. Always smiles to be found here! E


These are so awesome, and I love that pretty glitter felt!! xo Heather


Yeah, we've got those temps plus equal humidity, which is horrible. Just can't get into the mood to decorate for Fall and I really want to break out all my foliage and punkins and Magpie Ethel characters!

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