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September 21, 2012



Old popcorn bags are a great thing for shows! Love them!


Another great day, I would have to agree. I'm itching to get out and do some digging tomorrow, but there is a football game and that makes for terrible, terrible traffic. I may have to live through you until next weekend. Oh, wait, 80,000 motorcycles are here that weekend. Hmmm. The outlook is not good!

*I have had a croquet set on my list forever! You would have thought I would have found one by now!


Oh Laurie, The peeks of your home were so wonderful. I know I am not alone in scrutinizing every vintage detail. The tacks among the plates in your kitchen and repurposed childrens irons is brilliant. Tudor wonderful going into my weekend. Hopes yours is wonderful as well! E


Well, my $2 box of Christmas doesn't stack up to your finds!I did okay though. Love that silverware caddy and the sailboat canisters.
Have a great weekend :-)

chris mckinely

Love the popcorn bags!!! Pretty darn cute!



Total score. I think all these would have gone in my bag as well. the tins are fab. Never seen that pattern. Perfect for a beach house. I have that green cutlery tray and I love the graphics...On the hunt for a red one. Smiles..Renee

Kim Kenward

Well done. Well done, indeed. I can never get enough vintage Christmas and I love the idea of using popcorn bags at your shows. Brilliant.


I collect a lot of different things to0 and I know how happy it makes me to find something to add to my collection that I don't already have. I bet you were pretty excited to find the pink month ball container:-) One of these days, I am going to have to head up to Portland and go to some estate sales. That is how I got started. My aunt owned the vintage store Puttin' on the Ritz here in Eugene and she used to take me up to Portland to the sales when I was younger. It was so fun.



Do you colllect Christmas icicle tinsel too?
I love the now extinct leaded type.
Would love to see your collection if you do.
Thanks for many happy hours looking at your collections!


Laurie, your posts about your great finds are almost as good and getting to go myself. Thank you for sharing with us!


Laurie are you going to open a store someday?


I wanted to go to that sale and may go Sunday. By then it will be picked over but I usually find something. Looks like you did VERY well!!


I always love your finds. I used to work for Ernst as a secretary back in the 90's. Thanks for sharing!!!


Swooning over the croquet set!!
Looks like you had a wonderful day! Hoping it is cooling off your way down to 36 here tonight :)


Indented Shiney Brites!!! Why must you torment me this way!?!?


Wow...you hit the jackpot! lucky you..I would love to have some of those Christmas treasures. xo

Sheryl Remy

Laurie, you did very well at this sale. I really like the way you set up the post so we could go back to see previous posts of collections. Imagine there since 1937. My husband told me about a farm and house across the road from the house he had previously owned in the country. It sat empty of people for years but full of their possesions. Then one day they bulldozed the entire property and nothing was left. What a waste. Sheryl

Into Vintage

Good grief!! The thing that amazes me is that you don't find one or two of something, you find it by the boxload! I think you might have enough popcorn bags to start a carnival. Way to go, Ethel!


Such goodies!! LOve the popcorn bags and those tins with the sailboat! To cute! xo Heather

Chris - A Little Creation

I love all vintage(old) things Christmas! It reminds me of my grandma. You hit the jackpot! I want to grow up and be you. =]

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