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September 28, 2012



I was thinking to myself "What the heck is a pink snake?" I thought maybe one of those carnival plush snakes or something LOL. Then you said "toilet" snake.Of course I clicked over to your other post and saw the cute tree stand. How resourceful you are!. We used one of those last week unfortunately. They do their job though! No pink one....just a normal snake. Like the elephant brush too.
Thanks for sharing and making my day!


Would you believe I have the same Xmas house? I bought it on Ebay years ago when they were still affordable there! And I love that strawberry!


Oh, poor snowman! I am not sure even magpie magic can restore him. Looks like a typically fruitful Friday morning!

Kim Kenward

Only YOU would be happy with your pink snake. I love how you "think-outside-the-box". I'm totally smitten with those cardboard witch hats. Fabulous!

shirley hatfield

Wow! And to think you've been looking out for another pink one since 2010!! I do like what you did with it, tho! =D

chris mckinely

Love the brush with the elephant handle!!



I'm waiting to see what this pink snake becomes! I have three of those strawberries, one I got just a couple weeks ago. Three - oh oh!


The spun snowman is a little spooky.
Love the elephant brush. Do you brush your elepant every day?
Do you have a collection of brushes?

Sheryl Remy

I have seen the strawberry before and I know there is an apple. I have a tomato though and I have never seen another one. I wonder if there are any others? It was very clever repurposing with the pink snake.



I bought the greatest really old white christmas tree off of ebay last year, only problem was the cardboard base was falling apart. I have been wondering what the heck to hold it up with. Thanks for the great idea! Heres hoping I find a pink snake!!

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