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September 08, 2012



Completely speechless!
You have to be one of the luckiest people I know! My head's still spinning. We went to the citywide Jacksonville sale and I didn't come home with one thing! Not one!!My faves are those wonderful seasonal cardboard cut-outs and the honeycomb Halloween hangers. Of course that extra cute stork game found it's way to you LOL.
It's like all those vintage goodies just sit around waiting for you to take them home :-)
Glad you did well!


I'm guessing the skiing devil is really a mouse. For some reason he looks more like a mouse to me, but I could be wrong. Love the cardboard Halloween.

Into Vintage

I think Doreen said it for me as well, her first two sentences in particular. ;-) Go Ethel, go!! You are a vintage magnet!!

chris mckinely

I agree with all of the above! You do find the best things!! I love the hankies!! Soooo cute!


rae- say it ain't so

wowee! i can't decide my favorite! either that skiing guy, or those halloween cats! i have been on the hunt for some cute halloween stuff, but i never find anything.

Linda @ A La Carte

You really do find the best stuff! I love those cute hankies!


You said it, good finds. Some of those bring back childhood memories. For some reason the thumb tacks really hit a chord with me? My mom had a bunch of the little wooden angels. Love the hankies..

Kim Kenward

I went to my first estate sale today. I've got the fever now. I went straight to the basement to search over the vintage toys and holiday goodies. I thought of you the entire time. Your Halloween treasures are definitely my favorite. You are definitely the queen of estate sales!


Long may she reign...! :)


I think the 8 of Hearts just might be holding a squeaker......

Looks like another good day for Laurie.

Off the subject - but The Bean wants to know if you've ever seen any of the filming of GRIMM in Portland????

Lisa W.

Amazing finds ! Good for you !


Oh my goodness, Jadite Fire King mugs ( I have a collection) and elephants in space. Now that is a good day! I was just saying to The Husband today that it has been ages since I have found a piece of Jadite at an estate sale. Good score!


you are the queen of estate sales, I'm just sure of it. lots of goodies here. I think my favorite is the halloween accordian cat and also those sweet hankies!
have a great sunday!


Laurie...I think you absolutely scored. All of it so incredible. The devil is so rare. The nursery rhyme seals...love. That ABC book is so cute. So happy you found some honeycomb...love love love....it makes me want to go to a sale! Smiles...Renee


mediocre?? Id be shaking with excitement to have a quarter of this!! Love it all (especially the hankies)


That was a pretty great sale! Not sure which object I covet the most, those handkerchiefs or the Halloween cat. I'm pretending I didn't see the mugs.


Wow, you did great!! Love the fun Halloween accordion kitties!! The Merry Christmas sign is so neat!! xo Heather

Mitzi Curi

Laurie, you find the most unique items! Elephants in space....I've never seen that before!

Sheryl Remy

When you first mentioned the pin up cards I was looking at the cards in the picture above. I could see in the upper corner a place to put in the pin or so I thought. Then I scrolled down and saw the "pin up cards". I agree to the shop they go. I love all the rest of your treasures. A number one score for the first on the list.
Happy hunting. Sheryl

Melissa's Antiques

I would've bought every single thing you did! LOVING the Halloween stuff! :)


Wowzers, one of your best hauls (in my humble opinion). I would have been junk drunk for days.

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