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September 16, 2012



Love that last picture - a perfect vingette!


You know it's a good party when a cowboy shoots his gun at the ceiling of the barn. Hope nobody's in the hayloft! Cute invite.


Lovin the Easter egg garland! The little pixie is my favorite, though. He seems to like little birdies as much as you!


My kind of day! Nice holiday haul for you again. Love the egg garland and Easter chick. What pretty dahlias in the vases. Cute little gnome.....didn't notice the bird until you pointed it out.
Thanks for sharing and I know you're having a good one!


I don't know ... I think one of those shy girls is a little overexposed in the first photo. Hope she doesn't see that! Cute stuff, as always!


wonder if you can put a Tulane carrier on a semi?
you are so lucky~maybe you should stop in Nevada and play the slots?


The Christmas boxes had me green with envy and now I'm just sitting on the floor pouting!

Kim Kenward

You definitely find the best holiday treasures. Love the honeycomb Easter garland.

Sheryl Remy

I loved the garland and chicken in bonnet. I wish that today's cards and invites had the charm of the past. A kind of innocence and so clever. Today's it seems to be the bottom line in production costs, so it's just a picture. The older cards often were decorated on all four surfaces.
I get carried away. The barn invite is precious. Sheryl


Okay that is the cutest little gnome. His eyebrows...how cute. love your little pile. It is just enough to make me smile....Renee

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