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September 20, 2012


Kim Kenward

What the perfect post to start my day. Your touches and personality are truly reflected in how you've decorated your home. It's magazine worthy.


I agree with the above comment: very magazine worthy! Great use of those toy irons too! I think my sister had an aqua one!


so many fun little details! i love your shopping cart with the quilts. i have been looking for a fun idea to store our blankets in the living room and couldn't find a trunk i liked. ALSO i LOVE that jar with the honeycomb balls! I have a set of peach honeycomb balls with velvet leaves and have wanted to display them but didn't know how. that looks GREAT!




I want to move in. Soak it up and then emulate it all. This made me smile and want to let go of the stuff suburban have to have the same in each house that everyone clings to...well done. You are my hero. Way to listen to your inner voice. Oh and by the way I am that women in the photo. Smiles..Renee


I am all vintage smiles, and just adore you beautiful and sweet home!!


Got more than a few smiles from your tour. I still have the memories of walking through part of your house and the tour of your studio when I met you! I was speechless then let alone now. It does look like a Magpie Ethel house.That's what makes it and you so special!! I also have little quirks and thought I was the only one that leaves holiday stuff out year round. Thanks for making me feel normal :-)

Linda @ A La Carte

What a wonderful post! It's great to see you live with what you love!! I would never be bored in your home...so much to look at and enjoy!


Your house is a delight - thank you for the tour! I love that duck finial and love the baby picture tradition even more. What a great idea!

chris mckinley

Thanks for sharing!! Love the pictures!! I don't have a 1940's home with tons of character like you do, but I do try to decorate with things that make me happy! I think all your blogging friends would like to come for a visit!!!



Your house makes me happy too! I am trying to make my house a happy place too. Things that need to go from the past that just aren't "me" anymore. It's a work in progress.

One of my thrifts is closing or maybe moving and they are selling everything. (Where I got my locker basket) They have two of the oldest tiny shopping carts and I am DYING for one. I asked the lady in charge yesterday and she said, "You want those old things???" She was just about to tell me a price when a lady came screeching out of the back NO NO NO YOU can't sell THOSE!!!! The lady in charge winked at me and said in a whisper, "Come back next week when she's not here". Crossing my fingers. I have one out in the yard with my birdhouse gourds growing in it, but it doesn't actually roll. I love your quilts in yours. I was thinking about using mine to hold blowmold pumpkins and my candy boxes at valentine's day, etc.


I just love the pictures of your home! The vintage shopping cart is awesome!! I love the vintage garland to:)


Congrats on 1000 sales!!
Your home is such a great reflection of YOU! It is a delight to behold and definately made me smile over and over. Since I live in a newer home with a man that doesn't like "junk", the entire house doesn't look vintage. But I have rooms and parts of rooms that showcase things I love.


love all the peeks into your home. Part of why I love blogland. I'm one that loves to go for rides at night when someone else is driving so I can get peeks into peoples houses as we drive by!
thanks for sharing!

Into Vintage

So many fun things to see in your home -- I especially love your repurposed irons as towel holders. (brilliant) Did you make the roller shade? I might need to know how to do that. :-)

Sheryl Remy

Your home is lovely. What a wonderful tradition to start with the baby photos. It is so important to do what we love and be true to ourselves. I know I start every morning before work with you and the rest of my blogs to start the day with a smile. You are inspiring.

Mitzi Curi

Thanks so much for sharing all the charming views of your home! You have really found a way to incorporate vintage treasures into your life in a wonderful way.

Ann (Protector of Vintage)

Oh, your home looks so charming. Was it difficult to cover the roller shade? I would love to try that.


I love your whimsical house! Reminds me of my aunt's house in Florida, so feminine, too.

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