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September 01, 2012



Ooh, that stove!!! (I have a small collection). Red and white!!
And that telephone and radio. Yes, and the little trashcan. I would say "you had a lucky day!".

Kim Kenward

I'm completely green with envy over your dollhouse finds. You are one lucky lucky lady!


Well, I had to Google Huckleberry, because those sure do look like Blueberries to me. I've never seen or tasted a Huckleberry. Not really I have ever even heard of them outside of Huckleberry Hound!

Can't even comment on the furniture other than "ACK".


Laurie those doll house things are just a wonderful find. I agree about the garbage can but also love the little tiny misc. things that found their way to you!!


Oh my gosh I think I'm going to be sick. I would fall over in a dead faint if I opened a box and saw all that furniture right out of my childhood. I have some of those things still. I just bought on Etsy a little baby like you have here to replace mine which was gone. I also spy a double boiler on the stove. I had one of those and still have the bottom half of it, the material is a gold color. Oh you lucky girl you. Nan


Ohhhhhhhh...I would still be dancing about the room if I had found those little treasures. The phone, the red/white kitchen, the radio...be still my heart...!


Well good grief girl, I think you could go ANYwhere and manage to Eye Spy the good stuff!! That tiny furniture is just amazing and I have never ever even one time ever found a mercury glass pick. Not one. You have the junking karma!


You do know you found a world-class collection of Renwal with one box, don't you? Those little things can be really hard to find! My mom has that little wastecan - I just find it amazing that so much care was put into making those little toys. I'm such a Renwal fan, can you tell?


That doll house furniture is too fab!! So what does one do with huckleberries??


Get out! How does this happen? The phone, the radio and the trash can!!! So incredible. I love every single piece. I marvel at these behind the glass at the antique stores. They always have a huge tag dangling from them with a hefty price tag on them. You are simply the luckiest lady around. Glad you went along for the fun...smiles...Renee


Lovin' all your sweet treasures!! The scrapbook is so cool!! xo Heather

Meri Wiley

Oh my gosh woman! Even on a day you thought you were gonna' miss a sale....only you could find one. Let me know if you're interested in selling any of the Renwal. I don't need much as my dollhouse is full, but wouldn't mind a couple more pieces.


Dorothy Prudie

Oh, I love the dollhouse furniture. I have been looking for several of those pieces. How great that you stumbled upon them. Thanks for sharing.

Into Vintage

So glad I didn't drive out to Trout Lake only to find you with this hoard of goodies in your hot little hands! I think we should drop you on the moon and see what you find -- no doubt it will be amazing -- some vintage moon rocks or old space shuttle graphics... ;-)

Lisa W.

What a perfect combo ... huckleberry picking and shopping for vintage goodies ! Sounds like fun to me. Nice finds !


Just had to comment on your doll furniture. I have my Renwal furniture from the 50s..your really hit the jack pot..I have alot of it still and the metal house.Never seen the ironing board...it is wonderful.Most of the items are worth at least $10 or more a piece..love all your treasure you find. Sally

Sandy McClay

OMG!!!! Most of that house furniture is Renwal, which is $$$!!!! And you have a piece I have never seen before! I don't know how you do this!!!! You are amazing at what you find every time!!!!! So fun!!!!!

Sheryl Remy

I am once again amazed by your finds. I never saw such tiny pieces of doll furniture and such detail. The pieces in my dollhouse from way back when were pink plastic and very flexible. These seem to more rigid and stable. You are truly amazing.

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