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September 10, 2012



Their next flight...and hopefully, they will be home for holidays and summer will come around again! I was amazed at how long a case of pop lasts and how fast I could do laundry!


Congrats! You did your job -- 2 good kids. Now you can dance around the house in wild abandon and sing at the top of your voice. Enjoy! Cry a couple of tears -- it'll clear out your sinuses.


Ah Laurie, they have not gone far and they WILL be back, trust me on this. There will come a day when you will think, gosh I wish they would stop moving in and out - LOL! In the meantime, enjoy yourself. This is you and Tom's time now.


I once saw a card for empty nesters, and it read: "Now you have more room to put your arms around each other!"

Kim Kenward

I love the idea that Diane shared about more room to put your arms around each other. Thinking of you and your "cute" empty nest.


Roots and Wings, it's all about the balance. :-) (Do you know that saying?)

shirley hatfield

I have two daughters that just keep moving in and out...when they're here I wish they were more independent...when they're gone I miss them. Balance...very true. =D


I hope you will grow to enjoy the quiet and the extra time with Tom. It can't be easy. I know I would cry...


What a sweet image. Captures your thoughts beautiful. Not to worry they will be coming home soon for laundry and holidays. I am more than sure they miss you more....smiles...and hugs...Renee


Love the imagine!! Birdies that have flown your coop but will return. And when they do, hopefully they will always be children first, and second the best friends you'll ever have!!


Don't worry mom, they will be home soon with laundry, tales of their adventures and ready for some home cooking.
I think Diane said it best!

Into Vintage

I know you'll miss them, Momma Bird. What an excellent job you've done. xo


They're not that far away from the nest.Mama bird....you did your job and they're going to spread their wings and fly but they always seem to find their way home back to their nest that you made for them.
Cute pic you did with those honeycomb birds :-)

Erica / Golden Egg Vintage

Haaa! Don't worry...at least ONE of them will move back in with you at some point! :)
I think that's the official way that it goes now a days!
My sister and I won't leave my poor parents alone! haha
(but secretly I know they kind of like it) haha
Erica :)

Sheryl Remy

Yes it is a sad day when the house is empty. I know that this is the boys Senior Year in High School and then they will be gone too. And I know it will hurt to let them go. But I will do so knowing that as they come and go they will forever have a piece of me in their hearts and so will I. The old days are gone but new adventures await you. Sheryl


I was lucky to squeeze another year out with Carrie (commuting this semester, maybe next) - but I know the day is coming. Bittersweet for sure - keep busy, my friend!


Aaah, will be thinking of you and your sweet empty nest! I am sure you fill you time with much crafty goodness, and trips to visit your sweet kids! xo Heather

Lisa W.

Hang in there Laurie .... they will be back ! Your holidays will be even more fun with the kids coming home - you'll see !


You raised those kids to grow wings and fly and you should be proud to know they are soaring! My days are numbered with my last 2 so I totally understand that bittersweet feeling. I am looking forward to the next chapter, but feeling a bit sad to close this one. My thoughts are with you my blogland friend :)

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