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October 11, 2012



Laurie, Your vintage displays are all so wonderful! Love the crepe pumpkin pile. Only you would live next door to a neighbor who saved exactly what you love! Fantastic! E


love all the black cats! and they look so great stacked with the candy boxes! i found my first vintage halloween thing at a pre estate sale yesterday and am so pleased! finally!


Hey Laurie~~~The plastic cat head with the licking tongue is actually Fifi. She was paired with a yellow Fido dog both from Ken-L-Ration pet foods!~~~Cheers! Beth


WOW! Very impressive Black Cats display!How lucky to have a neighbor who was a hoarder of vintage candy boxes too. Can't wait to see the rest of your Halloween! This is like a teaser LOL.
Thanks for sharing!

Kim Kenward

I am completely smitten with your black cat collection. Those old candy boxes are the perfect addition to your fun display. Love the shot of the honeycomb pumpkins in the wire basket stand. Bring on more Halloween!


I love all the kitties and the honeycomb pumpkins!! Love it all, and can't wait to see more! xo Heather


Love the kitties and the bright orange pumpkins. So cute.
The green bead cat caught my eye. I don't remember those as a child... where they handmade or did I just not notice them? I know you sometimes make bead-body characters. What do you you know about them? Maybe you could do a little blog about them sometime.
Can't wait for the rest of the Magpie Halloween Show!


What a darling display, leave it to you to figure what to do with old candy boxes I love it!!


Wondedrful display of your kitties. Also noticed the pumpkins in the bin! Do you decorate every room for a holiday?


Looking very festive! I like that cat with the Cheshire grin and the red hat.

Sheryl Remy

Super, positively super display. I love everything about it. The candy boxes, the black cats and the pumpkins. The wire basket thingie you use for display is just awesome.

Chris - A Little Creation

The candy boxes are a creative addition to the display. They break up all that black. The honeycomb pumpkins give a nice pop of orange.
Chris =]

Melissa's Antiques


I am obsessed with your Halloween display so far! Can't wait to see more!!

Lisa W.

It looks great ! Thanks for sharing !


My witch arrived today-love it!!! I can't wait for more pictures of your decorating. I bet Kate is missing your decorating while at school.


great collection of kitties Laurie! and I love the honeycomb pumpkins in the wire basket! sweet!
I love decorating for all holidays, but I think that halloween in my favorite!
happy weekend!


I love a good black cat, too. (Actually I love two black and white cats who live here, but they're not very Halloween-ish except when they yowl.) Your display is great, and I love the honeycomb display, too.

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